Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Urban Race

I love downtown Tampa. Every time I go there I wonder why I don't spend more time down there. It's such a clean, beautiful, historical and trendy city with so many cute, waterfront cafes, museums, theaters, etc.

My friends, Erica, Dan, Joey, and I spent all day there today participating in "The Great Urban Race."  It is this really cool fundraiser put on by St. Jude's Children's Research Foundation.  Basically, it is a much smaller scale of the Amazing Race (one of my favorite shows!). 

We started off down by the port of Tampa and worked our way all over downtown (by foot only).  Each team of two was given a list of 12 clues.  First, you had to solve the clues to figure out your pit stops, then run to the pit stops and complete a mental and/or physical challenge to get a stamp.  The clues were listed in random order, so you had to plan your route, etc.  Each team had a different strategy.  It was such a BLAST.

 I am going to be soo sore tomorrow!  This mama is OUT.OF.SHAPE!!!  When it was all said and done, we ended up running about 10 miles.   Of course, most of it was stop and go, so it didn't FEEL quite as bad as 10 miles straight.... but, still, 10 miles is pretty legit considering I have only ran twice since giving birth!  And, woah, was it hot out!   

Did I mention each team had to be dressed in costume??  haha.  Dan and Joey were "Ace" and "Gary" (the ambiguously gay duo) from Saturday Night Live.  Erica and I were "Tampa Bay Watch."  Get it?  Tampa baywatch?  We thought it was quite clever!
  And, yes, we did run around Tampa in our swimsuits.  And, yes, I must be crazy.  But, honestly, there were so many people in costumes we blended right in.  :) 

Erica and I finished in about 3 and a half hours.... after a few minor detours and wrong turns...

Dan and Joey ran a much more efficient race, about 7.5 miles.  They ended up finishing in an hour and 45 minutes and placed 5th out of 400+ teams!   They even qualified for "nationals" in Vegas!  Wo hoo!! 

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