Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beautiful Baby

"What a beautiful little girl you have!  How old is she?"  Yes, SHE.  I was asked that question THREE times last week!  On three different complete strangers!  I'm beginning to think I dress Trey too girly!  I wish I could put a blue bow on him to clear the issue, but I have a feeling that would only further complicate things...  haha!  I guess when you have a beautiful boy, it just comes with the territory.  ;)

The Road to the Final Four

Tonight UK plays in the Final Four against arch rival Louisville...or as we like to say, Loserville.... It is truely a battle of the Bluegrass! All I have to say is...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beach Baby

** Just FYI-- Trey had his Dr. visit today, so I updated his 4 month post with new stats! **

While Phil was working the Phillies event, Trey and I soaked up some rays at the beach.  We had such a great time:  swimming in the pool and watching a gorgeous sunset on the beach.  Does life get much better than this?

Baseball Kick Off Party

Philadelphia fans are pretty phanatic.  Especially about their Phillies.  So, it was no surprise that when my husband was invited to work a private party for the Phillies at the Sandpearl Resort, he jumped at the opportunity. 

He spent the night ushering in the pros and their wives/families.  He small talked with the players:  Ryan Howard, Sarge, etc.  And watched Victorino chase around his 3 kiddos... with a diaper bag on back!   This event  = heaven for my husband.  He was on cloud nine!

Here are some pics I took of the event setup while Trey and I were lounging by the pool....

Had Phil not been working the event, I totally would have tried to get a closer shot of some of the players.  But, since he was I figured I wouldn't embarass him.  :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Part Time

I've given this a lot of thought-- I think I have the best of both worlds when it comes to my part time work situation.  

Seriously, I do not know how (outside the home) full time working mothers get it all done in a day.  I have a lot of respect!  I worked the past two weeks "full time" and can't believe how behind I've already fallen in almost every single aspect of life.   My house is chaos.  Dishes are in the sink, laundry isn't done, meals aren't prepared, I have a huge stack of mail sitting on my desk.   I'm off work today and spent my entire morning catching up on housework.  And I still have so many other errands to run-- grocery, bank, post office, gym, etc.  How to some of these ladies do it? 

But, back to work--  Before Trey, I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  My mom stayed at home with me, and that's how I always pictured myself raising my children.  When I was pregnant and we figured out our budget, I realized that I couldn't stay at home.  At least not full time.  To say I was completely devastated is a bit of an understatement. 

For months, I dreaded going back to work.  I didn't want to leave Trey with someone else.  I didn't want to miss anything.  After all, they are only little once.  I think I felt in some way I wasn't being as good of a mother because I needed to make money, too.  Silly, right? 

The first week of leaving him with Nanny Carolyn was much harder than I thought.  I cried everyday and thought more than once about calling off. 

But, since then, I have been pleasantly surprised at the transition back to work.  Don't get me wrong, when I am away, I miss being with him like crazy.  It is soo hard to leave him in the morning.  But, going to work has proven to be a nice "break" from being a mom.  I enjoy getting out the house without a diaper bag, bottles, and lugging around a stroller.  I enjoy seeing my co-workers and talking to people about things other than schedules and poop and pumping.  And, after 4 weeks back at work, I'm learning not to feel too guilty about that.  :) 

In no way am I ready to go back full time.  I will keep my part-time gig up for as long as I can.  It gets me out of the house just enough to keep my sanity and contribute financially, but still allows me to get plenty of snuggles with my baby.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Urban Race

I love downtown Tampa. Every time I go there I wonder why I don't spend more time down there. It's such a clean, beautiful, historical and trendy city with so many cute, waterfront cafes, museums, theaters, etc.

My friends, Erica, Dan, Joey, and I spent all day there today participating in "The Great Urban Race."  It is this really cool fundraiser put on by St. Jude's Children's Research Foundation.  Basically, it is a much smaller scale of the Amazing Race (one of my favorite shows!). 

We started off down by the port of Tampa and worked our way all over downtown (by foot only).  Each team of two was given a list of 12 clues.  First, you had to solve the clues to figure out your pit stops, then run to the pit stops and complete a mental and/or physical challenge to get a stamp.  The clues were listed in random order, so you had to plan your route, etc.  Each team had a different strategy.  It was such a BLAST.

 I am going to be soo sore tomorrow!  This mama is OUT.OF.SHAPE!!!  When it was all said and done, we ended up running about 10 miles.   Of course, most of it was stop and go, so it didn't FEEL quite as bad as 10 miles straight.... but, still, 10 miles is pretty legit considering I have only ran twice since giving birth!  And, woah, was it hot out!   

Did I mention each team had to be dressed in costume??  haha.  Dan and Joey were "Ace" and "Gary" (the ambiguously gay duo) from Saturday Night Live.  Erica and I were "Tampa Bay Watch."  Get it?  Tampa baywatch?  We thought it was quite clever!
  And, yes, we did run around Tampa in our swimsuits.  And, yes, I must be crazy.  But, honestly, there were so many people in costumes we blended right in.  :) 

Erica and I finished in about 3 and a half hours.... after a few minor detours and wrong turns...

Dan and Joey ran a much more efficient race, about 7.5 miles.  They ended up finishing in an hour and 45 minutes and placed 5th out of 400+ teams!   They even qualified for "nationals" in Vegas!  Wo hoo!! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

4 month updates

Stats:  Trey now weighs 15 lbs., 1 oz.  (up from 12 lb 3 oz @ 2 months, and 7 lbs 3 oz at birth).  This places him in the 60th percentile for weight.  He is 25.25 inches long, which also places him in the 60th percentile for height.  He didn't grow as much as I had expected.  He was 24.5 inches/95th percentile @ 2 months, and 20.5 inches at birth).  His poor little head is still measuring in the 10th percentile, 40.5 cm.  Hope that starts to catch up to the rest of his body!!! 

Schedule: Trey thankfully has returned to his schedule.  March was pretty crazy with visitors and my return to work, so it was a little less rigid than it was in Feb.  We just go with the flow and follow a lose nap schedule depending on his mood/cues.  He (usually) takes a big morning and two smaller afternoon naps.  The one thing that always remains constant is his eating cycle-- every 2.5-3 hours on the dot.  I don't even need a watch-- he lets you know it's time to eat, and it's always pretty accurate.  Bedtime is still around 9, and wake up time ranges anywhere from 6-8, but is usually right at 7am.   

Sleep:  I'm so glad we started Trey in the crib at an early age.  He is sleeping there on his own every night (still swaddled).  I put him down awake and he falls asleep on his own (without crying) withing 10 minutes!  We have him trained good! :)

Eating:  Bottle feeding is going much better.  Per the nanny, he sucks it down as fast as he can and will even try to hold the bottle.  When he's home with me, he's still nursing.  Hopefully we will continue that for the next couple of months, although it has been really hard for me to keep up a good pump schedule at work... my freezer stock has almost been depleted and I feel like I pump all the time....  Some people start rice cereal around 4 months, but we are going to wait until 6 months (based on our pediatrician's recommendations.  Plus, he seems to be growing fine without it, so why rush it?).


Play:  Trey LOVES his exersaucer.  He has learned to push buttons to make the music play and is trying his best to reach the dangling objects.  He's not quite there yet, but is getting close.  He is also rolling over, but still inconsistently.  He didn't roll at all last week, but has done it again a few times this week.  He likes to look at books when I read to him, but he won't sit still for more than 1 book.  He likes to move-- constantly.  This must be a boy thing -- every little girl I meet is much less hyperactive(this statement is not meant to be a bad thing!).  I think we are going to have an early crawler/walker because he is pretty close to crawling already. When he's on his belly, he inches all over the place! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dunedin Day

As I mentioned, Phil's best friend, Andy, is in town this week.  Today, we all spent the day over in Dunedin, FL (about 25 min away from our house).  The boys went down to the Blue Jay's Stadium to watch the Phillies spring training game while Trey and I enjoyed the day eating, shopping and walking around this cute little waterfront town. 

Phil and I got our engagement pics done here and as soon as Trey is big enough to sit and walk on his own, I plan on taking him back here for a photo shoot of his own!  :) 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Maddness!!!

Two of the many reasons I love the NCAA tournament...
Ohio wins!!!

#2 seed Duke losses!!! 

Maybe now everyone can finally stop talking about this...

I love March maddness!  Go UK and OU!!! 

Little O'Cutie

Happy St. Patty's day!! What a crazy week we've had. Phil's best friend is coming into town today, so it looks like the craziness will continue for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Day

Thank goodness we are over the hump... this week has been exhausting!  Trey has decided that he no longer wants to sleep through the night just in time for me to return back to a long work week.  He has been fighting going to bed and then waking up multiple times throughout the night off and on for the past week or so.  I thought it was because we had gotten off our "schedule" (used very loosely) with visitors in town, but it was even worse last night.  He didn't go to bed until after 10, woke up at 2:15 and didn't go back down til 5.  And, since my alarm clock goes off at 6, I didn't even have a chance to fall asleep again.  What happened to our good 10-12 hour/night sleeper?!  I had become completely spoiled with his awesome sleeping habits.  Anyways, I really hope this is just a quick phase because this mama wants her sleep (insert big yawn)!