Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Work has yet to need me this week (although I'm booked the rest of the week), so I've been enjoying time home with "trouble."  

Cute shirt, but honestly, he is really no trouble at all. 

He has even let me work outside on our landscaping (or lack thereof).  He just chills in his vibrating seat, swing and/or bumbo seat, eats his bib and/or hands and naps.  Ha!  Gotta love this age.  This time next year I will probably be too busy chasing him around to blog...let alone landscape! 

Overall, it's been a productive few days.  I may not have been at work, but I was certainly working!

I planted flowers in all the planters, weeded the front and the backyard, laid down new mulch and bagged about 30 bags of leaves.  Our yard still has a long way to go, but I certainly put a dent into making it pretty.  We are getting some landscaping quotes from professionals to see what they recommend, and to see how much it will cost to make it really pretty.  We have such a nice outside area, we'd love to enjoy it more. 

But enough about "work."  Now, it's time to play!  As soon as Trey wakes up from his nap, we are off  for a leapfrog themed leap year play date with my mom's group! 

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