Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 month updates

Come on' ride the Trey train.  Let's ride it! 

Today is Trey's 3 month birthday, which means that we are now a quarter into our first year!    

Stats:  We don't have a doctors' visit this month, so I'm not sure his exact stats, but I do know that he has almost outgrown all of his 3 month clothes and has started wearing a lot of 6 month clothes.  Big boy!

Schedule: We are still on an eat every 3 (ish) hours during the day schedule-- 7, 10, 1, 4, 6:30, 9.... and then sleep until 7ish am! He takes a morning nap from about 9-10, another short one after his one o'clock feeding and a longer afternoon nap from 5- 6:30ish. We take a family walk with the dogs every night after his 7 o'clock feeding, which is followed with a bath and playtime until his 9:30 feeding... then it's bedtime.

Sleep:   This boy loves to sleep! We have officially moved from rocker to crib 99% of the nights.  We still swaddle him, but just from the waist down, with arms out.  Trey sleeps like his dad -- arms above his head.   He has also become quite the inchworm.  He moves from one end of the crib to the other and sometimes I even find him turned the wrong way (but still swaddled).  Makes me want to videotape him at night to see how he does this.

Eating:   With the start of the nanny, Trey has had his first week of bottle feedings.  Carolyn says he sucks down the beginning of the bottle, but then really starts to fight it.  I'm sure he is getting a lot more air than he is used to, which certainly explains why he's been a little gasier than normal the past several days.  We have "closer to nature" bottles, but I might try another brand to see if that helps.  As of now, he definitely prefers his mama in this department. 

Play:  Trey's in a really fun stage right now, and it's getting more and more fun each day.  He is finally starting to reach for toys, explore, babble, blow bubbles, imitate faces, and jump in his jumper.   He enjoys tummy time (most of the time).  He has a super strong head--  very controlled, which seems to amaze everyone we meet (including the pediatrician).  Every day is something new and I love it.  He has a million toys, although, his favorite is his hands.  He is perfectly content sucking on those fingers and cooing for hours at a time.

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