Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Work has yet to need me this week (although I'm booked the rest of the week), so I've been enjoying time home with "trouble."  

Cute shirt, but honestly, he is really no trouble at all. 

He has even let me work outside on our landscaping (or lack thereof).  He just chills in his vibrating seat, swing and/or bumbo seat, eats his bib and/or hands and naps.  Ha!  Gotta love this age.  This time next year I will probably be too busy chasing him around to blog...let alone landscape! 

Overall, it's been a productive few days.  I may not have been at work, but I was certainly working!

I planted flowers in all the planters, weeded the front and the backyard, laid down new mulch and bagged about 30 bags of leaves.  Our yard still has a long way to go, but I certainly put a dent into making it pretty.  We are getting some landscaping quotes from professionals to see what they recommend, and to see how much it will cost to make it really pretty.  We have such a nice outside area, we'd love to enjoy it more. 

But enough about "work."  Now, it's time to play!  As soon as Trey wakes up from his nap, we are off  for a leapfrog themed leap year play date with my mom's group! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cloth Diapers

We've offically made the switch to cloth diapers!  Well, at least for 75% of the time I'm home with him...   I never would have thought about doing this if it weren't for my sister, Molly.  She did them with her daughter and had a great experience with them.... and I have to admit-- I love it, too.

We started Trey with cloth diapers at about 6 weeks and haven't looked back. 

Cloth diapers have come a long way from rubber pants and diaper pins.  Believe it or not, they are SO easy.  I've become a big fan.  So, here goes my cloth diaper plug.

 (The following facts were obtained via The Diaper Drama.  I just picked a few to highlight).

Environment:  Disposable diapers create 7.6 BILLION pounds of waste each year in the United States.  That makes it the 3rd largest contributor to landfills (behind newspapers and food/drink containers) and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste. 

Health:  Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Public Health Association advise parents that fecal matter and urine should not be allowed to be disposed of together in the regular trash, because it contaminates the ground water and spreads disease.  There are an estimated 100 intestinal viruses living on feces in landfills. These viruses are possible contaminates of our water supplies and could latch on to the insects that would bring these diseases back to us.  YUCK. 

Financially:   The average newborn goes through 8-12 diapers a day, 6-8 diapers a day for an older baby....and most children are in diapers for 2-3 YEARS.  Disposable diapers cost approximately $0.25/diaper, so those costs can add up quickly.   If you decide to use cloth diapers, you just have invest in the supplies once.  There is some cost in cleaning with cloth diapers, but it is minimal (estimated at $3/week, but I forget which website that information is from).  Imagine the financial savings over 2-3 years-- especially if you have more than one child!  And, another financial plus for all the water rats out there: most cloth diapers (sans inserts) can double as swimming diapers!  And, trust me, those swim diapers are super expensive!  Great news for this Florida child of mine! :)

Some people feel as though cloth diapers are too much maintence.  But, there are many cleaning services available for minimal costs, or, like me, you can choose to clean them yourself (I promise-- it's not that gross).

Other random pro-- cloth diapered babies have less diaper rash, which makes for a very happy baby!

I know it's not for everyone, but I encourage other new moms to at least look into this option.  Here is a great site to get you started with the basics:  Cloth Diapers 101.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Weekend

Phil and I no longer spend our weekends at bars, clubs and restaurants...  we hang pretty low these days. 

These pictures pretty much sum up our laid back weekend at home.   We did manage to escape the house for a few hours today for lunch.   We tried a new place that is pretty famous around Tampa Bay -- the Taco Bus.  It only took us 5 years to try it out, but it didn't disappoint (although I still perfer the little dive Mexican place around the corner from our house). 

Hard to believe Feb. is almost over.  Time is flying!  I'm really looking forward to March... our calendar is packed.  We have almost a constant stream of visitors and fun activites planned.  I can not wait!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Blue Eyes

Every parent thinks that their kid is the cutest.  But, let's be honest, Trey really is the cutest...  or maybe I'm just a little biased.  ;)

Our little man is so cute, that he has been called a "Gerber baby" on several different occasions by complete strangers.  And, I'm totally okay with that! 

How could you not fall in love with these baby blue eyes, chubby cheeks and pale pink lips?  Future heart breaker for sure. 

As handsome as he is, I know that looks aren't everything.... I'm thankful for his sweet nature, goofy smile and happy disposition.  It just makes him that much cuter!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 month updates

Come on' ride the Trey train.  Let's ride it! 

Today is Trey's 3 month birthday, which means that we are now a quarter into our first year!    

Stats:  We don't have a doctors' visit this month, so I'm not sure his exact stats, but I do know that he has almost outgrown all of his 3 month clothes and has started wearing a lot of 6 month clothes.  Big boy!

Schedule: We are still on an eat every 3 (ish) hours during the day schedule-- 7, 10, 1, 4, 6:30, 9.... and then sleep until 7ish am! He takes a morning nap from about 9-10, another short one after his one o'clock feeding and a longer afternoon nap from 5- 6:30ish. We take a family walk with the dogs every night after his 7 o'clock feeding, which is followed with a bath and playtime until his 9:30 feeding... then it's bedtime.

Sleep:   This boy loves to sleep! We have officially moved from rocker to crib 99% of the nights.  We still swaddle him, but just from the waist down, with arms out.  Trey sleeps like his dad -- arms above his head.   He has also become quite the inchworm.  He moves from one end of the crib to the other and sometimes I even find him turned the wrong way (but still swaddled).  Makes me want to videotape him at night to see how he does this.

Eating:   With the start of the nanny, Trey has had his first week of bottle feedings.  Carolyn says he sucks down the beginning of the bottle, but then really starts to fight it.  I'm sure he is getting a lot more air than he is used to, which certainly explains why he's been a little gasier than normal the past several days.  We have "closer to nature" bottles, but I might try another brand to see if that helps.  As of now, he definitely prefers his mama in this department. 

Play:  Trey's in a really fun stage right now, and it's getting more and more fun each day.  He is finally starting to reach for toys, explore, babble, blow bubbles, imitate faces, and jump in his jumper.   He enjoys tummy time (most of the time).  He has a super strong head--  very controlled, which seems to amaze everyone we meet (including the pediatrician).  Every day is something new and I love it.  He has a million toys, although, his favorite is his hands.  He is perfectly content sucking on those fingers and cooing for hours at a time.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...'s off to work I go.

Monday was a hard day.  Not only did we have to say "bye" to our Z parents, I also had to say "bye" to my little guy for 5 whole hours of work!  It was much harder than I thought it would be to leave him.  Many tears were shed... most of which were mine.   But, I survived.  And, more importantly, so did he.

Nanny Carolyn knew how much I was missing my little man, so she sent me this--

Along with the text, "Don't worry, mama. I'm playing and I'm happy."  And, happy he was.  I picked him up and he was giving Carolyn a big, gummy smile and talkin' up a storm.  Man, I love this guy.

I ended up working Mon, Tues, and today.  I'm off Thurs/Friday and am very much looking forward to a day of cuddling with my Treybird and pups... along with doing laundry, vaccuuming, dusting, grocery shopping, changing diapers, cooking dinner, doing dishes, changing sheets, walking the dogs, etc....  okay, so not really a day off, but it's exactly where I want to be.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tummy Time and Play

Papa and Grandma Louise

The Philly grandparents came to visit!  Which means Trey had lots of extra cuddles and mommy and daddy had a nice baby break.  It's amazing what a few extra hands can do. 

Trey read with Grandma,

walked with Papa,

Cuddled with Dad...

... and Grandma.  Life is pretty good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


L is for the way you look at me

O is for the only one I see

V is very, very extraordinary

E is even more than anyone that you adore can

And, if you think he's cute, you should see his dad... 

Two handsome valentines... I'm one lucky lady!
Hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day filled with lots of love and sweet treats.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

I really can't complain about the weather.   It's been very a mild winter.  Shorts and tank tops in January is just the way I like it. But, the past 3 days or so, we've run into a bit of a cold spell....normally, I would complain about it and wonder how I lived so many years through the midwest winters... but this year, it just means that I get to bust out Trey's cute, warm winter clothes!  And the cold spell came just in time-- this big boy has almost outgrown his 3 month clothes (this cute outfit from Aunt Franny is a 3-6 monther)!

Seriously, who falls asleep in their jumper?