Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grandma M's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Grandma!  I hope you had a great day!  I know you were worried about me yesterday, but I'm feeling much better today.  Doctor says I will be fine.

Here are some pictures from today.  I'm getting so big you may not recognize me next time you see me!  Now I weigh 11 lbs, 2 oz..  Mom says I'm getting a little chunky, but I think I look fabulous.

Me and Mom being goofy.... well, mostly mom being goofy.  I was fairly unamused.

Anyways, please come visit me again soon!  I miss you, Grandma.  Grandpa, too! 


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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Trey! I'm so glad you're feeling better today and Grandpa and I can't wait to come see you and hold you again!