Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 month updates

Stats:  Trey is officially growing like a weed!  He is now 12 lb. 3 oz (a whole 5 lbs since birth!), which puts him in the 60th percentile for weight.  He is also 24.5 inches long, which is the 95th percentile!  Looks like he's gonna be tall... go figure.

Schedule:  We are still on an eat every 3 hours during the day schedule--  7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10.... and then sleep until 7ish am!  He takes a morning nap from about 8:30-10, and an afternoon nap from 4:30-6.   We take a family walk with the dogs every night after his 7 o'clock feeding, which is followed with a bath and playtime until his 10 o'clock feeding... then it's bedtime. 

Sleep:  Trey is sleeping through the night (knock on wood)!!!!!!  Phil has been putting him to bed to give me a little break, since I am with him 24/7.  Most nights, Trey sleeps in his rocker, not in his crib.  I know, we should be using the crib more, but for some reason, that rocker just knocks him out... he seems to toss and turn (and cry) in the crib, even though we swaddle him every night.  And, once he's asleep in the rocker, Phil and I are too scared to try and move him because the few times we've tried have been

Eating:  He's still nursing only.  With the exception of once during his growth spurt, when I had to supplement with formula, he has never taken a bottle.  Now that I've gotten over the pain phase of nursing, I've come to love it -- such great bonding time!  I'm trying my best to pump after every feeding (or most feedings), so he can continue with breastmilk when I go back to work in just a few more weeks. :( 

Play:  Still not much going on here-- eat, sleep, poop, burp, cry.  That's about it. Trey does makes good eye contact and smiles like crazy when he's tickled.  He loves tummy time, but often falls asleep on his belly, which is a no-no is mommy-land.  Back is Best!  Other than that, he's still mostly a blob...  although, I don't think it will last much longer-- he flipped from belly to back for the first time this week (which apparently is pretty advanced, even for a 3 month old)!   He's only done it once, but he tries to move all the time and is getting pretty strong.

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