Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Week

Hard to believe our peanut is already a week old.   Trey had his first check-up with the pediatrician yesterday.  His weight is up 5 oz. since we discharged from the hospital and the goal is for him to be back to his birth weight by his 2 week visit next Friday.  With the way he is eating, I don't think that will be a problem...

We put up our Christmas tree!  Holiday deocrations are going up a little slower than usual.  Phil is back to work and my mom and I are busy with baby all day.  I wonder where the day goes as it seems we get NOTHING done until 4 pm.  We did venture out and do a few errands today.  Trey had his first trip to Target and he LOVED it.  He was so alert the whole time-- just taking in everything. 

My dad left yesterday and my mom is leaving tomorrow afternoon.  Phil's Aunt Franny is flying in from Buffalo tomorrow and will be staying with us until my MIL can relieve her next week.  C-Section recovery is no fun.  I still can't lift anything heavier than 7 lbs without pain, so I definitely need all the help I can get during the day when Phil is at work...  

I am looking forward to the next several weeks as Trey is going to be meeting a lot of friends and family!   

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My New Favorite Room

Trey's closet is packed!

Growth Chart made by my sister, Caitlin

Homecoming Pics and Another Trip to the Hospital

Flowers from Gma/Gpa Z and Monogrammed goodie bags I made for our nurses and visitors. 

We received wonderful care and accomodations at St. Joseph's Women's hospital.  Our room was in a brand new wing of the hospital.  The nurses/staff were so lovely and EXTEREMLY helpful during those late night feeds when I couldn't figure out how to get Trey to eat... 

Friday was our last morning at the hospital... finally going home!

 As nice as the hosptial stay was, I was so excited to get home and introduce Trey to the dogs and get him situated in his new room! 

Welcome home sign

Greeting our fur babies.  Boy, did they miss us! 

Phelps checking out the baby.  

We knew Lochte (the Gentle Giant) would be great big brother, but we had a few concerns about this lady.... she's very sweet, but has never loved kids the way Lochte has... she usually just runs away and hides.   Thankfully, she did GREAT.  I was actually surprised at her maternal instincts.  She immediately ran over and smelled/kissed Trey's toes and head and followed him around ALL day... even more so than Lochte.

Puppy Love

Introductions went great--  Phelps and Lochte love baby Trey!   And why wouldn't they?!

Unfortunately, I wish the rest of our first few days at home went this well... Friday afternoon, I started getting severe pains (which I was told was trapped gas from surgery) in my chest, rib cage and back, which made it hard to breath and impossible to lay down and get comfortable.  I had a lot of coughing which was SO painful and very unproductive.  Eventually, I was able to cough up some dried blood.  We were concerned but the on-call doctor said just to monitor it through the night...

To make matters worse, Trey was being a little stubborn and was not wanting to eat... at ALL.  As much and often as I tried to feed him, he was just not having it.   And he let the whole neighborhood know about it.  I started getting really worried he was getting dehydrated and that we would have to supplement with formula (I am planning on breastfeeding only), which will make future breast feeding more difficult.... 

Saturday was very similar.  Less chest pain/tightness, but after another round of spitting up blood clots, I was instructed that I had to go back to the hospital. 

They did some blood work (which came back normal) and a chest x-ray, which showed some fluid in my right lung base and possibly some collapsed air sacs.  Thankfully, it was nothing that they had to admit me for, so they gave me a breathing treatment and sent us home.

Thankfully, we have started off much better today.  Trey is eating (and pooping) a ton and, other than the normal post-op soreness and pain, I am also feeling much better. 

I love my parents, but have never appreciated them more than I have the past couple of days. Figuring out this mom thing is pretty tough at first amd Phil and I could not have done this alone.  I am realizing the importance of a good support system and am thankful for the one I have!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

I'm thankful for so many things this year...

...especially this little 7.3 lb turkey!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newborn Pics

Trey had his first photo shoot today-- and he was NOT happy about it!   Probably because the photographer showed up right at his lunch time resulting in a ton of screaming and crying...  but we still got some cute shots!

Here are a few favorites:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trey David Zawadzki

Twas the night before baby.... 

I took Monday off work to get the house cleaned and ready for Grandma and Grandpa M's arrival from KY and tried to relax for today's big event.  I don't think I slept more than an hour....
Phil and I headed to the hospital around 5:30 am  and welcomed our son, Trey, into the world at 8:56 am!  He came in at 20.5 inches, 7 lbs. 3 oz.

Making his debut!

Me and Trey minutes after birth--  instant love

First Family Photo. 

Phil is one proud papa.  His sweet reaction to the birth was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Getting weighed

QT with Mama

Cuddling with Grandpa M

So sleepy.

Bonding with Dad

More to come... I am  doing well... pretty exhausted and sore, but I wanted to share some of these with family/friends far away! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

39 weeks

39 weeks down, less than one week to go!

I had my last appointment and pre-op visit with the doctor that will be completing the surgery on Tuesday!  Everything went great!  She answered all of my questions and was very accommodating to the fact that I want to do "skin-to-skin" immediately after delivery, while I am being stitched up, and NOT 2-3 hours after (which is primarily done after a C-Section).  She was very agreeable and supportive of this idea.   

I am also very happy that I will be the first surgery of the day and that I won't be stuck fasting all day...  that just seems cruel for someone who is hungry all the time.  Surgery only takes about 15 minutes, so looks like he could be here as early as 8:15 am! 

Finally, I am extremely happy to learn that I will be able to donate my placenta to help with treatment of burn victims.  I am told that doctors are only able to utilize placenta from C-Section patients, since it remains completely intact, and one person's placenta donation can help up to 50 burn patients. 

Phil and I have a close college friend who suffered serious, life threatening burns during a camping trip in 2006.  Here he is at our wedding, 2 and a half years and many, many reconstructive surgeries later... 

Knowing that I will be able to help others in similar situations is very rewarding, and I couldn't be happier about donating to this great cause!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Updated D-Date

Looks like the hospital is overbooked for the 21st and I have been one of the lucky ones to get "bumped" to the next day....My MIL says, "no room at the Inn."  So, that means, new due date is November 22nd at 8 am! 

I have tried to contact family/friends but figured this would be a good place to post so that everyone knows about the change in date.  Looks like our Turkey day will be spent at St. Joseph's Hospital after all...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The (Almost) Birthday Cake

Saturday, while Phil and Eric were fishing, I decided to bake a cake for Phil's birthday... 

The cake finished and the house smelled delicious!  And, apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so...

Being a HUGE multi-tasker, I was in the process of doing a million different things at once.  So, as the cakes were sitting on the oven cooling, I ran to the garage to grab a load of laundry from the dryer.  When I returned, not even 2 minutes later, BOTH dogs were half on the oven with their faces buried deep in my cake. 

At least they seemed to really enjoy it...  Phelps never stopped wagging her tail, even as I was yelling at her... 

Friday, November 11, 2011


Wishing all the veterans a very happy Veteran's Day!  
Thanks for your honorable service and sacrifice to our wonderful country!

Also, wishing my husband a very happy 28th birthday today! 

He has had a fun week of celebrations, and they are continuing throughout the weekend.  Wednesday, he and a friend went to the Lightning vs. Flyers hockey game (although it ended in a disappointing OT loss for the Flyers); tonight, we are trying out a new BBQ place; and tomorrow, he is fishing in and then we are meeting friends for dinner, drinks, games and b-day cake!   Not exactly sure when I will be fitting in all these last minute errands...

AND, finally, happy birth day to Nicholas Bradley Poleski!  A friend and former teammate from the OU swimming days, Shannon, and her husband, Brad, welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world early this morning!  Congrats guys!!   

Thursday, November 10, 2011

38 weeks and a D-Date!

Wed. afternoon I had another ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay and there was no medical reason why our baby is still breech.  Good news-- everything looked great!  Well, except for the fact that he was facing the WRONG WAY....  and, he's not just butt down (called frank breech), he is in the much rarer COMPLETE breech pose (meaning that he is sitting indian style down in my uterus).  The doctor made my decision easy and told me that because he is complete breech, I am NOT a canidate for external version.

With that being said, we will be having a scheduled C-Section on November 21, 2011.  Which means, only 11 days until we get to meet this little guy!  I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!

Although knowing the date takes some of the excitment away, it also adds some a TON of stability (and sanity) to my life!  My parents are now better able to plan their travel down from KY, I can give work my "last day,"  and I won't be rushing around trying to complete all of those last minute things (as I still have PLENTY to left to do to keep me busy). 

In other news, the nursery is 90% done.  Everything we need is in there, but the walls are looking a little bare.... we have some ideas of wall art/decorations, but I just haven't gotten around to purchasing anything yet.  Looks like there will be some major shopping to do this weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Hunt 2011

Our friends, Kelly and Eric, hosted the 1st annual Pumpkin Hunt this Saturday.  This is a tradition that Kelly's family up north started every year.  It has turned into a such a big event up there, she decided to try it here. 

Basically, it was a huge scavenger hunt all over Clearwater Beach.  We met at a local bar and broke into 4 teams of 3-4 people (each team had a designated driver, as most of the stops were at a bar/restaurant and required consumption of an adult  beverage).  Each team was given a digital camera with blank memory card, 40 clues and 2 hours to be back at our starting bar where all of our pictures were displayed on a big screeen tv (for the entire bar to enjoy). 

Each clue was worth a certain number of points, so the team with the most points at the end of the night was the winner... in case of a tie, the team with the most creative pictures was deemed the winner.   Basically, the only rule was that you HAD to have your teams' pumpkin and all but one member of your team in every picture...

Group Shot

Our hosts, Eric and Kelly

The Winning Team

The losing team with their "prizes" plus Pat and Jonathan

Me and Jo-Jo

Me and Phil

Let me tell you, there were some HILARIOUS pictures! The seemed to get progressively more funny as the hunt went on.... go figure... I won't be sharing many of these, but had to throw in a few...

TEAM ONE (Me, Mario and Bret):

TEAM TWO (Joey, Stacey, Jonathan, and Pat):

TEAM THREE (Phil, Erica, L-Shawn):

TEAM FOUR (Dan, Geniene):

I'm already looking forward to next year's hunt, when I am able to participate a little more!  :)