Monday, August 29, 2011

Tarpon Springs

Last weekend, we took my MIL and her girlfriends down to Tarpon Springs for an authentic Greek meal.  Besides being extremely GREEK, Tarpon Springs is most well-known for the large population of sponges and sponge divers. 

It is such a fun place to sight see, shop, and, of course, EAT.   We had a wonderful meal consisting of:  Saganaki (the flaming cheese.... OOOO-PA!),  Spanakopita (spinach pie), and then a variety of main courses (including, my favorite, the gyro).   We finished off the meal with some delish Greek pastries, including baklava.  YUMM! 

Ever since that meal, I have been craving the spinach pie!  Spinach is my favorite veggie, so I try to incorporate it in as many meals as I can.

Anyways, I found this Spanakopita recipe on the Food Network website, and it was SO GOOD!  It probably could have fed a family of 4 or more, but Phil and I polished it off in one sitting.  I made mine as a pie/casserole vs. the triangles...  but it would be good either way.  If you are a spinach fan, I highly recommend you try this! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Z Family Beach Pictures

27 weeks

13 weeks  to go.  THIRTEEN weeks.   Does this pregnancy feel really long to anyone else?  Anyone?  40 weeks seems like an eternity.  Even though we still have so much to do, I am getting to the point where I just want him OUT.

I'm playing around with new features on my photo editor.  I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I had fun messing around! 

I have to be honest, these pictures are actually from LAST week.  My belly has significantly grown since then (at least I feel like it has).  He is getting BIG.  Which means, so am I.   I am officially up 19.8 lbs!  ha ha... Not QUITE at the 20 lb mark yet, although I'm sure a glass of water would push me over!  That means I've got to slow it down to meet my doctors' goal for me to be +25-35 lbs at 40 weeks. 

I've had a pretty easy 2nd trimester.  But, my lower back is starting to hurt at night and I'm having lower abdominal and pelvic pains when I try to walk quickly (both at work and trying to keep up with these guys...). 

Thankfully, I'm not swollen.... yet.  Welcome 3rd trimester-  let the waddling begin!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bathroom Updates

Our countertop/sink for the new vanity unit came in last week! As did our new over the toilet cabinet!

Phil has been busy working on the bathroom the past several days.... the vanity unit is in, but he still needs to tile around the walls and redo the light fixture (which we still need to pick out). Then, it will be time for the new mirror to be hung and a new coat of paint! The end is in sight!

Although it's not completely done, I have had several requests to put up some pictures of the new stuff... so, here they are!




I guess the lighting isn't ideal in our bathroom, so the coloring is kinda off in some of the pictures.  The wood is dark, espresso brown and the countertop is a tanish color....  I'm very pleased so far, but getting anxious to be DONE with that bathroom so we can start to focus our energy/money on the NURSERY! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Saw this LIFE poster on a friend's facebook and thought it was beautiful. Just wanted to share...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ok I'm switching it up.  I'm sure most of you are "babied out," as I sometimes feel that way, too.  But, truth is, when you are pregnant, "baby talk" is all consuming.  I eat, sleep (or try to sleep), and think baby 24/7.   I used to write about all kinds of fun stuff  but now, it's just about BABY.   And, although I already love this little guy more than anything in the WORLD, I'm ready for a baby break, as well...

Here is my lame attmept to post something totally fun and non-baby related.  I'm by no means a fashionista, but I do love me some fun party/sundresses...with ruffles!  Growing up in KY and going to college in OH, I never really got to wear a ton of sundresses apart from summertime...and truthfully, because I lived at the pool, I never did then.  Now, being in Florida where it is summer 10 months of the year, I practically LIVE in them. 

So, even though summer is ending and most people are stocking up on all the new fall fashions, I am keeping my eye on these little numbers from MOD... 


(BTW I'm really excited I finally figured out how to make a picture collage!! You can expect to see more of these in future posts!)

Now, the real question is, how long will it take to get me back into my normal size so I can start wearing all these cute clothes again?!  Will I ever get out of t-shirts?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

26 Weeks

First, thanks so much to the thoughtful comments, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. re: my horrific rash! It was not pretty. Thankfully, the steroid shot really worked and all was back to normal by Monday, so no follow-up with the doctor was necessary. 

As for baby, says, "... this week, his eyes, which until now were developing under fused eyelids, start to open. Of course, there's not much to see in there, but if your baby spots a bright light (or hears a loud noise) near your belly, you may notice an increase in fetal activity. (“Hey, I'm in here, Mommy! Where’s the party!”) What accounts for that response? His brain is more developed and sophisticated."

Today is my second baby class and the start of my last week in the 2nd trimester--which means next Thursday I will be in the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!  Things are going so fast and we still have so much to do...  although I'm really excited to decorate the nursery, I have been dragging my feet about getting that room totally cleared out, painted, etc.  My in-laws and brother-in-law are coming down at the end of September (while I am out of town for a baby shower) and have offered to paint and start putting together the baby room/furniture!   Yay!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Class and an Unexpected trip to the Doctor...

Let me start by saying, "Our baby is fine." I will get to that in a minute...

Last night, we had our first baby "Newborn Care" class. We were there with 3 other couples-- one who was ABOUT.TO.POP. Despite that our instructor was slightly senile (as my co-workers like to call it, she was in "la-la-la land"), she did provide us with a ton of good information (that is, when she could find where she put it...)! I already feel much more confident in my skills and knowledge. And, we got to practice a lot of different feeding, bathing, dressing, swaddling techniques (on dolls, of course). I'm happy to report, Phil was a pro at bath time! 

About halfway through the class, I started feeling itchy in my eyes. It wasn't really bad, and kind of went away by the time I came home, but I noticed that the skin around my eyes was really red and puffy. I took off my eye makeup and went to bed, sure that it would be gone the next day...

Well, the next day I woke up, and it was 100 times worse. My eyes were swollen almost completely shut. It took 15 minutes of washing them with a hot washcloth just so I could open them. I thought briefly about calling off work, but who am I kidding, I never do. Since it was so red and irritated, I decided to go sans makeup today. I walked in and everyone was asking me, "What happened to you?? You look TERRIBLE."

After about 15 comments in less than 5 minutes, I decided to ask one of our doctors what I should do. She gave me 25 mg of benadryl and told me to call my OBGYN as soon as the office opened. Long story short, 3 calls to the triage nurse, 3 doses of benadryl later, my eyes were no better and the rash had started to spread. My whole face was now fairly round, swollen, red and bumpy. The triage nurse said, "I would recommend you go to the hospital ASAP." HOSPITAL?? Bad thing to tell an emotional and slightly irratic pregnant lady.

I ended up leaving work early, driving to my OBGYN's office and BEGGING them for an emeregency appointment. I had to wait about an hour, but they were able to squeeze me in. The doctor said rashes are common in pregnancy, but they are usually on the stomach, rarely just on the face. She was really confused about the cause (no new products, makeups, soaps, detergents, foods, etc). But, she ended up giving me a shot of steroids to ease my symptoms and told me to keep the benadryl in my system. If it didn't clear by Monday, she wants me to come back, as she said it could be an indication of the start of a respiratory problem (YIKES).

My mother-in-law and her girlfriends are in town. We were supposed to have a fun dinner out, but instead, it's 7 pm, I am dopped up on Benadyrl and ready for bed. TGIF...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

25 weeks

See ya later Mr. Pappya... at week 25, he is now officially an...

EGGPLANT! And he could weigh in as much as 2.2 lbs!

This week, says, "Under his skin, capillaries are forming and filling with blood and by week's end, air sacs will develop in his lungs, getting them ready for that first breath. Mind you, those lungs aren't ready for prime time just yet — but they are developing surfactant, a substance that will help them expand after birth. And speaking of breathing, your baby's tiny nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, are starting to open, and his vocal chords are getting ready to roar."

Some good news- my leg cramps have subsided. I think I may have been dehydrated since my work was without A/C ALLLL last week and I probably wasn't drinking enough. Let me sidenote by saying it should be criminal to make a pregnant lady work without A/C in the middle of summer in Florida... I was sweating every day by 10 am... not my finest week at work.

Thankfully, all is good now. A/C is back. And, last night, I was treated to "girls' night" with pedis and apps. It was so good to catch up with friends and feel pampered for a bit!

Tonight is our first BABY CLASS!!! We signed up for 5 sections- a 2 part course on childbirth, 1 on newborn care, 1 on newborn safety/first aide, and 1 on breastfeeding. Each class is 2.5 hours long. Phil is less than thrilled about the time commitment, but I am the exact opposite. I don't know if they will be able to fit in everything I need to know in just 2.5 hours! Hopefully it will be informative and help me feel less un-prepared and anxious...

Monday, August 8, 2011

High School Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion was the past weekend in KY. I was not able to attend, but I was glad I got to see all of the festivities on facebook and the reunion website. They had a great turnout and it made me wish I could have gone! Our class was pretty small (around 100), so everybody knew everybody. Small town, small school. This was something I used to hate, but now find very comforting...

Most of my classmates stayed around KY after graduation; however, my core group of girlfriends have scattered across the country. I do keep in touch with a few of the locals who keep me up to date on the small town drama and gossip...some things never change.

I am still having trouble processing that I've been out of HS for 10 YEARS. It really feels like yesterday... and it makes me feel really old...

WJHS Class of 2001 in 2011!

Can you find me???

Our fallen classmates. RIP.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

24 weeks

It's our last week as a pappya! says, "Your baby is about eight and a half inches long and weighs one and a half pounds, gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week. Much of that weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Those little ears of his are getting sharper. Also by now, that fabulous face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. Is your baby a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead? Actually, right now his locks are white since there's no pigment yet."

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good in my second trimester... however, I have noticed a few not-so-good changes during week 23. The main one being leg cramps. I haven't had a charlie horse since back in my high school swimming days; however, this week, I've woken up 5 nights in a row with a terrible, terrible leg cramps. I forgot how painful they can be!

The other main change is the return of the extreme fatigue. Out of nowhere I am really, really exhausted all the time. Twice this week I've fallen asleep before 7 pm. Not kidding. On a positive note, I have been sleeping through most of the night (which is a plesant change from the previous weeks where sleep was very interupted!)...

I had another doctor's appointment today. I am officially up 14.1 pounds! My doctor wants me to gain bw 25-30 lbs total...she says I'm right on track, but with 16 weeks left, I think I may end up a little over that... but, I'm totally okay with that because chubby babies are the cutest!

Everything with baby boy looked good. I'm scheduled for my big glucose test and more bloodwork on August 31st. BLAH- not looking forward to that visit!