Friday, July 29, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

And, for once, I'm not referring to our dogs, who are, without a doubt, spoiled rotten.  In this post, I'm referring to me, Phil and Baby Z... 

My MIL, Louise, drove back from HHI with us last week to help out with some of the housework and baby prep.   And, what a huge help she was!  We got so many things crossed off the "baby to-do" list...  we registered (which was EXHAUSTING), cleaned out Phil and baby Z's closets (which, if you've ever SEEN those closets know that this was no small task...), finished the bathtub reglazing project, ordered the new bathroom vanity counter top, and bought a ton of fun stuff for the baby's room!   While we were at work, she also managed to grocery shop, cook all our meals, pack healthy lunches (daily notes included), did all of the laundry, washed the dishes, and vacuumed the billions of white furballs we have floating around our house.  She even managed to make us new curtains for the bathroom to match our new shower curtain.   If I had a superwoman cape, I would definitely let her have it. 

I was also pretty productive.  In addition to helping with some of the organizational tasks, I signed us up for our baby classes, which start at the end of August!  I'm pretty excited about this because I feel pretty clueless and overwhelmed when I start thinking about caring for our little guy in just a few short months (I will be 6 months next week!).

Next big thing on my list is figuring out our "budget" and making some big decisions about my work situation post baby.  Obviously, I would like to primarily stay at home with him (he's only small once), but financially, I will need to provide some supplemental income.  I've started talking to my boss about my options.  She has been WONDERFUL and super supportive and will try and accommodate me with my needs.   

Looks like week 23 will be another busy one! 

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