Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a BOY!

Looks like baby Z is a HE!  And, apparently, he's  not shy about showing his little man parts!  Phil (who has not hidden the fact that he REALLY wanted a boy), immediately jumped out of his chair and gave me a high five. 

We also had the big 20 week scan today.  That is where they detect problems like spina bifida and cleft palate during the U/S.  And, thankfully, our scan came back 100% normal!  We got to see the 2 hemispheres of his brain, 4 chambers of his heart, his kidneys, spine, arms and legs, and heard his "very strong" heartbeat (158 bpm).  The amount of amniotic fluid was perfect, too.

The U/S tech said our little man was being very stubborn because he really didn't want to get in a good position for a really long time.... But once he finally starting moving around, he was very active.  We even saw little his fist punching and legs moving!  

We are thrilled and couldn't be happier about the news of a healthy baby.  Can't wait to meet him in Novemeber!

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