Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathroom: Phase One

After months of planning, we have finally started the bathroom renovation!!  Since I am really no help with these things, poor Phil is stuck doing all the work.... just like the kitchen project in 2010... thankfully, he does a great job on his own!

Because it is such a big project and he's still working full time, we are breaking it up in phases.  The first phase being re-tiling the tub. 




The tub tiling is not totally done yet.... we are grouting tonight and it will have to dry for a few days.  Then, we will add the hardware and corner shelves.  I LOVE our new showerhead!   And, since we raised it up a few feet, we will actually be able to stand underneath it comfortably without ducking!   This will make my 6'5'' dad very happy during his next visit!

Mostly, I am just looking forward to having a working shower back!

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