Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom: Phase Two

Phase two of the big bathroom project was pretty easy for us, because it's the one thing we didn't do for ourselves.  Because we have a unique size tub and old plumbing, we couldn't just go out and by a new standard size tub.... so instead of ordering a custom tub, we decided to have our current one reglazed. 

Here is the before:

As you can see, the white is breaking up and there is a bright pink tub underneath!  The whole thing was so old and dingy looking... and there was an old metal track on the edge, where a glass window used to be...

Here is DURING:


SOOO pretty and new looking!

We, of course, had to run out and by a new shower curtain to go with our new tub... 

And then we had to have new window curtains to match our new shower curtain....

So, my MIL sewed these up!  It looks so great! 

The bathroom project is slowly coming along... the new vanity coutnertop comes in at the end of August, so hopefully we can wrap the whole thing up by September!

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  1. The bathroom looks wonderful!! Really pretty.