Thursday, July 14, 2011

21 weeks

Our baby boy is growing like a weed.  I'm up about 13 pounds! 

I am really enjoying pregnancy now.  I feel him move every day.  Some of his kicks are pretty strong, which is fun now, but may start to hurt in a few more weeks!  And, I've had several people tell me that I'm starting to get the "pregnancy glow."  It's encouraging to hear I still look okay, even though I'm starting to feel a little whale-ish.  :)

Sleeplessness is still my main issue.  I guess that's mother natures' way of preparing you for when baby actually comes and you have to be up all night.  Everyone keeps telling me to get as much sleep now as I can, because it will be 100 times worse after baby.  I highly doubt that.  I am up 3/4 the night-  every night-- and then on my feet all day- every day - with work and the dogs and cleaning, etc..   Phil makes fun of me for going to bed by 9, but the best sleep I get is from 9-11 pm.  After that, I'm usually awake, peeing, or tossing and turning trying to get comfy (I'm usually a belly sleeper and just can't get situated on my back). 

I will be taking a 1-2 week vacation from blogging.  My computer screen is messed up, so I'm turning it over to my amazing, computer geek of a friend, Joey, to fix  (jk Joey, you know I love you!). 

  When I return, I will have a couple of exciting posts, so stay tuned! 

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