Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swimming World Championships

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte

Phelps is back in the pool competing at the World Championships after just 6 months of training.  However, it was Ryan Lochte who stole the show!   It was so fun watching two of our favorite swimmers battling head-to-head.   Lochte ended up with the title "Kind of the Pool,"  which was well deserved after 5 gold medal finishes (2 of which he beat out Phelps) and the first world record since high-tech bodysuits were banned at the start of last year. Way to go Lochte! I'm already getting excited about the Olympics!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom: Phase Two

Phase two of the big bathroom project was pretty easy for us, because it's the one thing we didn't do for ourselves.  Because we have a unique size tub and old plumbing, we couldn't just go out and by a new standard size tub.... so instead of ordering a custom tub, we decided to have our current one reglazed. 

Here is the before:

As you can see, the white is breaking up and there is a bright pink tub underneath!  The whole thing was so old and dingy looking... and there was an old metal track on the edge, where a glass window used to be...

Here is DURING:


SOOO pretty and new looking!

We, of course, had to run out and by a new shower curtain to go with our new tub... 

And then we had to have new window curtains to match our new shower curtain....

So, my MIL sewed these up!  It looks so great! 

The bathroom project is slowly coming along... the new vanity coutnertop comes in at the end of August, so hopefully we can wrap the whole thing up by September!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

And, for once, I'm not referring to our dogs, who are, without a doubt, spoiled rotten.  In this post, I'm referring to me, Phil and Baby Z... 

My MIL, Louise, drove back from HHI with us last week to help out with some of the housework and baby prep.   And, what a huge help she was!  We got so many things crossed off the "baby to-do" list...  we registered (which was EXHAUSTING), cleaned out Phil and baby Z's closets (which, if you've ever SEEN those closets know that this was no small task...), finished the bathtub reglazing project, ordered the new bathroom vanity counter top, and bought a ton of fun stuff for the baby's room!   While we were at work, she also managed to grocery shop, cook all our meals, pack healthy lunches (daily notes included), did all of the laundry, washed the dishes, and vacuumed the billions of white furballs we have floating around our house.  She even managed to make us new curtains for the bathroom to match our new shower curtain.   If I had a superwoman cape, I would definitely let her have it. 

I was also pretty productive.  In addition to helping with some of the organizational tasks, I signed us up for our baby classes, which start at the end of August!  I'm pretty excited about this because I feel pretty clueless and overwhelmed when I start thinking about caring for our little guy in just a few short months (I will be 6 months next week!).

Next big thing on my list is figuring out our "budget" and making some big decisions about my work situation post baby.  Obviously, I would like to primarily stay at home with him (he's only small once), but financially, I will need to provide some supplemental income.  I've started talking to my boss about my options.  She has been WONDERFUL and super supportive and will try and accommodate me with my needs.   

Looks like week 23 will be another busy one! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

HHI Vacation

Phil and I just got back from a wonderful week at Hilton Head Island, SC with Phil's family.   Hilton Head is a special place to me, because that is where my family vacationed for many years, so I was excited to share that special place with my in-lawed family.

We crammed a lot in a week, and even managed to make two day trips.  One, to historic Savannah, GA, where we shopped down by the riverfront and did a trolley tour around town.  And the second, to Charleston, SC, where the group went to Fort Sumter, while I stayed in the A/C and got to visit with one of my best friends, Shelby, who just moved to Charleston last month.

HHI highlights included: beach/pool time, good food, tennis lesson for the girls, outlet shopping (baby Z scored big time), a 6 hour deep sea fishing trip (in which almost everyone got sea sick... thankfully, I was NOT on that excursion), and family beach pictures. 

View from the condo

Tati and Avery trying out the boogie boards

Tad, Avery and Tati looking for shells

22 weeks!


Getting off the ferry, coming back from Fort Sumter (Charleston, SC)

The girls outside Hudsons (my favorite place to eat on HHI).

Who has the bigger belly???? 

Harbor Town on HHI

Pool/Beach day

Fishing Charter boat

Historic Savannah

Tati helped reel in this nice Cobia-- YUMMM!!!

Family Photo (minus Tad) at the lighthouse

Tennis Lesson

Bridge in Savannah

I would write more, but I am exhausted... vacation really wears you out!!!  I will post some of the professional pictures when we get the disc back from the photographer!

22 weeks

Baby Z will be a "papaya" for the next 3 weeks! 

According to, "your baby (who now has eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe even some hair on that little head) is a living one who can now perceive light and dark. He can also hear your voice, your heartbeat, your gurgling stomach, and the whoosh-whoosh of blood circulating through your body. And as his brain and nerve endings develop, he may reach for his face (or whatever he can reach) just to experiment with his newfound sense of touch."

And, here is my ever growing belly at 22 weeks, 1 day ... 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

21 weeks

Our baby boy is growing like a weed.  I'm up about 13 pounds! 

I am really enjoying pregnancy now.  I feel him move every day.  Some of his kicks are pretty strong, which is fun now, but may start to hurt in a few more weeks!  And, I've had several people tell me that I'm starting to get the "pregnancy glow."  It's encouraging to hear I still look okay, even though I'm starting to feel a little whale-ish.  :)

Sleeplessness is still my main issue.  I guess that's mother natures' way of preparing you for when baby actually comes and you have to be up all night.  Everyone keeps telling me to get as much sleep now as I can, because it will be 100 times worse after baby.  I highly doubt that.  I am up 3/4 the night-  every night-- and then on my feet all day- every day - with work and the dogs and cleaning, etc..   Phil makes fun of me for going to bed by 9, but the best sleep I get is from 9-11 pm.  After that, I'm usually awake, peeing, or tossing and turning trying to get comfy (I'm usually a belly sleeper and just can't get situated on my back). 

I will be taking a 1-2 week vacation from blogging.  My computer screen is messed up, so I'm turning it over to my amazing, computer geek of a friend, Joey, to fix  (jk Joey, you know I love you!). 

  When I return, I will have a couple of exciting posts, so stay tuned! 

A Belated 1st Birthday

Our niece, Allison, turned 1 on July 10th!  I can't believe it's been a year!!!   I was unable to be with her for her birthday party, but, luckily, I have gotten to see her several times over the past 12 months.  I LOVE seeing how much she has grown and changed each time.   

Here are some favorites from the beginning:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathroom: Phase One

After months of planning, we have finally started the bathroom renovation!!  Since I am really no help with these things, poor Phil is stuck doing all the work.... just like the kitchen project in 2010... thankfully, he does a great job on his own!

Because it is such a big project and he's still working full time, we are breaking it up in phases.  The first phase being re-tiling the tub. 




The tub tiling is not totally done yet.... we are grouting tonight and it will have to dry for a few days.  Then, we will add the hardware and corner shelves.  I LOVE our new showerhead!   And, since we raised it up a few feet, we will actually be able to stand underneath it comfortably without ducking!   This will make my 6'5'' dad very happy during his next visit!

Mostly, I am just looking forward to having a working shower back!