Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies and Nurseries and Names...


Phil and I have started playing the "name game."  We have a pretty good idea of our girl name, so that hasn't been an issue.... but the boy name, thats a different story!  There are about 10 billion possibilities and Phil and I just can't seem to agree on one!  We decided it was a good idea to table that "friendly discussion" until we know the sex...just 10 short days away...then, it's gloves off!  :) 

One thing I do know, I do NOT want to use a 2010 top 20 baby name... I don't want our child to be one of thirty "Sarahs" at school.  Please, no offense intended if you are a "Sarah," or if you chose a popular name for your baby, this is just my preference for our baby.  So here is the list:  TOP BABY NAMES 2010

Some of my favorite boy names were on the list, so I nixed those and had to come up with a few more...
Now, onto my FAVORITE baby topic:  the nursery!  I've been searching online for ideas and found some color schemes/themes I just LOVE! 

For a boy:
Beach theme... gotta start them young

Not sure why this one saved so blurry... but you get the point!

Pretty much gender nuetral...  could def girl it up with a little pink somewhere!

I found I was really into the blue/orange combo for boys... very cute!  And YES, I realize those are University of Florida colors, but, rest assure, our baby will NOT be a gator fan! 

More blue and orange combo

Another beach theme to go with the rest of our house :)

And for a girl:

I love how the pink pops with the blue contrast! 

The white dresser just screams baby to me
LOOOOOVE the colors on THIS ONE!

Most of you are not excited by this stuff, I know.  Sorry to bore you, but I would really love to know your feedback or other helpful nursery ideas!


  1. The last two are my favorites, pink and blue combo is my least favorite. So don't pick that one or things are gonna be super akward ;) Let me know what I can help with!!

  2. Where did you find the second to last photo? I also love the colors and pattern of the blanket!!