Thursday, June 16, 2011

17 weeks says, "By now, your little baby is approximately 5 inches long. Slowly, their body is catching up to their head size and fetal development will show that your baby no longer looks so top heavy! The eyes are in their final position and your baby is almost finished developing BOTH sets of their teeth buds. During this 17th week of pregnancy, the baby also begins to develop a protective skin sealant known as Vernix and brown fat stores begin to build up."

Really not too much to update on this week.  We are feeling great and (finally) starting on some house projects (i.e. cleaning out the office closet, garage, getting a new back door, reglazing the bathroom tub, finding a countertop to go with our beautiful new vanity unit, etc. etc.)  Looks like we will be having a busy summer!  So much to do before November!

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