Thursday, June 30, 2011

19 weeks

19 down, 21 to go!

Baby's development according to  "Have you ever seen a mango dipped in cheese? Well, that's what your baby looks like this week due to a little growth spurt and a substance called vernix caseosa. This greasy white stuff covers your baby's skin, protecting it from the surrounding amniotic fluid. (Without it, she'd look totally wrinkled as she entered the world.) The vernix sheds as delivery approaches, though some babies still sport a bit of the coating at birth."    Eeeww.  Gross!
My pregnancy symptoms have been pretty mild the past few weeks.  I am starting to have some low back pain and lower abdominal achiness when I walk too much (from the stretching ligaments), and I still have to go to the bathroom 50,000 times a night.... but nothing I can't deal with.

Something exciting did happen for the first time this week-  I felt baby Z move!  I'm not sure if it was a kick or just some moving, but the other night there was definitely a lot of activity.  It's hard to describe at this point, but my stomach was fluttering!

I'm not having any cravings anymore and feel like I am eating fairly normally again.  I still have a slight aversion to green peppers (of all things), but, overall, am eating much more balanced meals.  And, I am up about 7-8 pounds from my starting weight! 

In other news, I am looking forward to this holiday weekend and the upcoming week.  My parents are flying in TONIGHT. we are finally starting our bathroom renovation on Monday, and then we find out Baby Z's sex on WED!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies and Nurseries and Names...


Phil and I have started playing the "name game."  We have a pretty good idea of our girl name, so that hasn't been an issue.... but the boy name, thats a different story!  There are about 10 billion possibilities and Phil and I just can't seem to agree on one!  We decided it was a good idea to table that "friendly discussion" until we know the sex...just 10 short days away...then, it's gloves off!  :) 

One thing I do know, I do NOT want to use a 2010 top 20 baby name... I don't want our child to be one of thirty "Sarahs" at school.  Please, no offense intended if you are a "Sarah," or if you chose a popular name for your baby, this is just my preference for our baby.  So here is the list:  TOP BABY NAMES 2010

Some of my favorite boy names were on the list, so I nixed those and had to come up with a few more...
Now, onto my FAVORITE baby topic:  the nursery!  I've been searching online for ideas and found some color schemes/themes I just LOVE! 

For a boy:
Beach theme... gotta start them young

Not sure why this one saved so blurry... but you get the point!

Pretty much gender nuetral...  could def girl it up with a little pink somewhere!

I found I was really into the blue/orange combo for boys... very cute!  And YES, I realize those are University of Florida colors, but, rest assure, our baby will NOT be a gator fan! 

More blue and orange combo

Another beach theme to go with the rest of our house :)

And for a girl:

I love how the pink pops with the blue contrast! 

The white dresser just screams baby to me
LOOOOOVE the colors on THIS ONE!

Most of you are not excited by this stuff, I know.  Sorry to bore you, but I would really love to know your feedback or other helpful nursery ideas!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beva's Wedding!

My high school friend and old grad school roomie, Beverly, married her long-time Boston sweetheart, Ben, in Lexington back at the end of April.  I was still in my "feeling terrible and tired all the time" phase, so I never got around to posting anything about the weekend... so, sorry this is late!

I had a wonderful weekend catching up with old friends (especially the bride, but also the MOH, Erin, who I also went to HS with).  Bev and Ben did a really cute "Southern meets New England" theme with all of the wedding festivites and even created their own menu combining both of these regions of foods!  The Lobster Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes was my favorite!

Her photographer, super talented and hilarious, Todd Powell, sent us a "sneak peak" to her professional pics...  more to come in a few weeks...

After the reception, they did a quick attire change and headed STRAIGHT to the airport to start their honeymoon...

.....their own private island (Turtle Island) in Fiji.  How awesome is that?!  I was soo happy for them!  And, just a little jealous of their trip... 

Anyways, a very belated congrats to the newlyweds! 

18 weeks

18 down, 22 to go!   I'll keep this short since there's not too much change with me or baby this week...

My biggest pregnancy symptom/complaint is another migraine, which resulted in 2 miserable days with vomiting and sleeplessness.   On a positive note, I am starting to get some of my energy back! Yay! Which means, I have been able to start tackling some of the things on my giant "to-do" list.  Although, it's still somewhat overwhelming to see how much I still have to do!

Heres a pic from very early this morning (18 weeks, 3 days).  Please excuse the pj's, bed-head and no makeup! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Wishing our father's (and grandfather) a very happy father's day today!  Thanks for all you do! 

My Papa (Mom's Dad), Ed, and his girls

My Dad, Chuck

Phil's dad, Paul

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad Breath

It's no secret that our bad boy has a very bad case of very bad doggy breath.  And he LOVES breathing IN YOUR FACE.  The closer, the better... Thanks to my crazy hormones and heightened sense of smell, I have barely been able to stad his stinch in recent weeks.  He just doesn't understand why I am constantly pushing his head away from my face... 

We've tried dental bones, mint flavored chew toys, Puppa-mints (an actual dog breath mint)....  nothing seems to keep the bad breath away for more than a few minutes.  So, tonight (seeing as it is Friday night, Phil is working, and I have nothing better to do), I thought it would be a good idea to try brushing his teeth.

I know you are supposed to brush your dog's teeth (with special dog toothpaste) fairly routinely, but we don't.   They get it done everytime they are at the vet for routine shots and/or boarding, etc.  Apparently, that's not enough to keep Lochte's breath minty fresh. 

My first attempt was pretty unsuccessful.  Brushing his teeth is defintely a two person job....He was TERRIFIED.  Once I finally got him down, I tried to get the brush to his teeth and he started howling at me.  Not growlng.  HOWLING, like a wolf.  He then ran under the kitchen table where he stayed for the next 3 hours and would not come out.   What a drama queen! 

Guess we'll try again tomorrow....


Thursday, June 16, 2011

17 weeks says, "By now, your little baby is approximately 5 inches long. Slowly, their body is catching up to their head size and fetal development will show that your baby no longer looks so top heavy! The eyes are in their final position and your baby is almost finished developing BOTH sets of their teeth buds. During this 17th week of pregnancy, the baby also begins to develop a protective skin sealant known as Vernix and brown fat stores begin to build up."

Really not too much to update on this week.  We are feeling great and (finally) starting on some house projects (i.e. cleaning out the office closet, garage, getting a new back door, reglazing the bathroom tub, finding a countertop to go with our beautiful new vanity unit, etc. etc.)  Looks like we will be having a busy summer!  So much to do before November!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 16

Every time I turn around I feel like I'm writing another weekly update. It's crazy how fast time is going (now that I feel better).

Today marks the beginning of week 16!
What to says, "The bones that are now in place in his ears means he can probably hear your voice as you talk to your partner and pals and sing in the car. While he’s getting used to your voice, the tiny muscles in his body, especially the ones in his back, are gaining strength, so he can straighten out a little more. And thanks to his developing facial muscles, your baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage. And his eyes are finally working, making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light (although the eyelids are still sealed)."

Like I mentioned above, overall, I am feeling much better. And, with the exception of the embarrassing car vomiting incident on Monday night, I haven't thrown up in 2 whole weeks!

I have started to develop daily headaches. Most of them aren't that bad, however, I have had two major migraines (which run in my maternal family, but I've never had before)... My doctor said this is all normal thanks to the OD of hormones. Tylenol has been able to manage the little headaches during the workday, but, it doesn't even come close to touching the migraines. Hopefully there won't be many more of those!

My belly is growing fairly rapidly now. Believe it or not- I'm still in normal pants-- but not for much longer. It's almost belly band time!

Food is my new best friend. I am hungry all the time! Cravings have started to shift from "MEAT" to "SWEETS." I haven't really had dessert in the past few months, but have recently been CRAVING popsicles and ice cream.   Some of that I blame on this weather--  it is HOT, HOT, HOT here in FL, and ice cream is so refreshing!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a....

GIRL OR BOY! We aren't sure yet, as we did not get a good look on U/S. Guess we will have to wait until July 6th to find out... I was hoping to find out before my parents' visit over July 4th weekend, but no such luck. Apparently the only sonogram tech is taking an early vacation for the holiday... doesn't she know my U/S is more important than her vacation?! haha. jk.

Otherwise the check-up went well... all is progressing normally and his/her heartbeat is strong.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

15 weeks

Food references are back!  This week, baby Z is the size of an ORANGE-- which actually sounds really, really good to me right now!

And, although I haven't felt it yet, this week our baby has started kicking and punching.  Phil and I are really looking forward to feeling the movement!

What to expect says, "Your baby's ears have migrated to the sides of her head, and her eyes are moving to the front of her face. Plus, your little smarty-pants can now wiggle her fingers and toes and make breathing movements in preparation for life outside the womb."  And, NO, the "she" they reference doesn't mean it's a girl... it alternates he/she in the paragraphs... my dad thought we found out the sex and forgot to tell him!

SPEAKING of the SEX:  we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and there is a small chance that if the baby is in a good position, that we will be able to find out the sex!!!  If not, we will have to wait another month, until 19-20 weeks....  

99% of the people I've heard from think it's a girl (including hubby).  I originally thought "it" was a boy, but have slowly changed my mind and also now think that "it" is a girl...  What do you think??

What is the sex of Baby Z?