Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Morning Sickness

I've heard this before, but, can now say from personal experience, that morning sickness is NOT just in the morning.  It lasts ALL. DAY. LONG.  Actually, the morning is when I feel my best.  It's all downhill after that!

For the most part, I have two major waves of nausea.  The first, around lunch and the second that lasts from 4-8 pm.  Every day.  For the past 4-5 weeks.  Like clockwork.

Every time I open the fridge I want to puke (and sometimes do), and therefore my cooking has been DRASTICALLY reduced in the past several weeks.

Thankfully, Phil is a really, really good cook. Unfortunately, Phil has also spent a large amount of time away from home with his job in Orlando, leaving me to fend for myself a few nights a week. A few weeks ago, he spent several hours making me casserole dinners, so all I had to do is microwave and voila!  Heatlhy meal!  It was so nice!  Other nights, when Phil's not around, I basically live on cereal, PB and J sandwiches, saltine crackers and ginger ale...and the occasional drive-thru run.... not the most balanced diet, but still better than nothing!

I just finished week 12 now and everyone keeps telling me I should start feeling better any day.  Supposedly, for most women, 2nd trimester is when the nausea and extreme fatigue reallystarts to improve.  I am very much looking forward this, as week 11 and 12 have been the WORST morning sickness weeks yet.  And I am very sick of being sick!


  1. Let me just go ahead and throw a guess out there. I think you're having a girl! haha :) I don't know if you saw my posts, but I had the all day sickness (in a bad way) from 6 weeks until about 19 weeks. It was awful. People acted like it would stop once into the 2nd tri, but it didn't!! I also couldn't stand to open the fridge. That still comes back a little - but luckily only lasted about 4 weeks at a time. I hope you start feeling better, but if you don't, know you aren't the only one! haha! And how annoying is it when people say "it's all worth it". WELL OF COURSE IT IS, but that still doesn't take away the pain and exhaustion it causes!! :) Good Luck!!!

  2. hahah i know. i feel bad for complaining but this part of it is really NO FUN!! i have been reading your posts as well and thought it was funny that our symptoms have been so similar... i can totally relate. I just hope my sickness doesnt' last until 19 weeks!!