Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love, Marriage...


Yes, Phil and I are expecting a little bundle of joy late this fall.  November 24th to be exact.  November 24th is not only Thanksgiving Day, but it is also my late grandfather M's birthday!   

Although Phil and I have been wanting to start a family for awhile, it was still a little bit of a shock when it actually happened.  I found out in early April when Phil was working in Orlando.  I wasn't feeling "right" and decided to take a test, just in case.

And then I took another test, just to be sure.  Same result.  (I had taken a pregnancy test the previous month, which was NEGATIVE.   Apparently, it was a false negative, since, according to the doctor the next day, I was already over 2 months along!).

In typical "first time mom" panic mode, I immediately start recounting EVERYTHING I ate/drank the previous several weeks.  Beer.  Wine.  Sushi.  Tuna fish.  Grouper.  Swordfish.  Coke/Diet Coke.  Deli meat.  Mexican cheese.  I even painted the outside front door.  The list goes on.  In fact, it was pretty much EVERYTHING on the don't eat/don't do when pregnant list.

During the first appointment the next day, my poor doctor got to hear my freak-out confessional of all of my recent "bad" behaviors.  She laughed and insisted it was fine as long as I discontinued those things asap. 

The whole scenario reminded me of a funny scene in the movie, "Knocked Up"....
Ben: "You can't eat sushi. You can't smoke. You can't smoke marijuana. You can't smoke crack. You can't jump on trampolines. This is basically a giant list of things you can't do."
Alison: "Yeah, it sounds thrilling."
Ben: "I'm gonna be sitting there on the trampoline smoking crack. And you're not gonna have anything to do. You're gonna be bored."

Haha.  Thankfully, since I'm not a crack-addict, my "bad" habits won't be too hard to stop for the next couple of months.  And, although I'm not particularly looking forward to living with no spicy tuna rolls or fruity cocktails, I know it will be worth it in the end....


  1. Congrats! How exciting! And that's wonderful you are already this far along without the horrible symptoms!! {I hope!} Hope you are feeling well.

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