Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs and Updates

Happy Easter!  Sorry for my lack of updates over the past several weeks-- busy schedule, spring sickness, my current "single mom" status to the dogs, and my new 6 day work week is mostly to blame. 

This weekend, hubby went up to Buffalo to visit family.  I am very sad I couldn't go, too.  I opted not to join him on account that I will be flying out of town the following weekend for a wedding and had plans to travel to Boston earlier in the month for a bachelorette party (which ended up being moved to the Thursday before the wedding).  Three travel weekends in one month was a little much for me...  but I'm sure he's having a great time and he promised to bring me home some of Buffalo's fineset sponge candy. 

But, despite having Phil being gone so much this month, I have managed to keep pretty busy.  There is: the beach,

Jimmy Buffett concert, Birthday parties, Melting Pot Big Night Out, Easter celebrations with the handsome Waltz men,

and Easter brunch with friends

Hope everyone had a great Easter! 

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