Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend we hosted Phil's parents, Paul and Louise, for a fun weekend.  They got in on Thursday afternoon and we went to one of our favorite tapas restaurants, Ceviches, for dinner. 

Friday, both Phil and I had to work, but our visitors were able to pass the time driving around the beaches, reading books, and shoe shopping.  We got home to a wonderful home-cooked meal and lots of wine and champagne  (there's always a reason to celebrate when family/friends are in town!). 
Saturday we had lunch at a little tiki bar type place on the water and then headed over to the Phillies spring training game. 

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost and we missed all of the good R2C2 pitching... but it was still a lot of fun. GREAT weather and great seats. 

After the game, we headed back to the house and Louise made some delicious dinner:  Blue Cheese biscuits, Salmon and asparagus.  Yum.  How spoiled am I?  And then, we rented the Social Network, which I had half watched earlier while doing a million other things around the house...It was way better when I sat down and actually watched the whole thing. 

Sunday, we hung out with the doggies and did some home improvement shopping done (I finally picked out the tile for our bathroom with some help from my MIL!), until Phil got home from work.  Then, we headed down to St. Petersburg pier for brunch, watched the UK game (SEC CHAMPS!), and went over to the new and improved Dali museum.  His stuff was interesting... and then we ended the evening with a sunset boat ride on the Bay. 

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