Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phelps Update 3

Sorry to those of you who are sick of my dog posts.  But, the health issues we've been dealing with are not over yet...

We had a follow-up visit with the vet this morning.  After an hr and a half wait, the doctor ran in grabbed some blood, took a urine sample and then handed us another  hefty bill.  She said she would call when the blood work came back, but she expected everything to come back okay.

Not too long after I got home, the vet called.  She was... concerned.  Unfortunately, Phelps' BUN and Creatin levels were elevated and her urine wasn't as concentrated as it should be.  This is a sign of renal failure.  Her kidneys aren't filtering as they should be, and she was already dehydrated after not receiving IVs for 3 days. 

When we left the hospital on Thursday, after a week of IV fluids, Phelps' kidneys were functioning "normally."  They said they thought her acute renal failure was reversible and that Phelps' was good to go.  Now, they believe there was more long-term kidney damage than anticipated.  She's not in renal failure, but is considered to have renal insufficiency (CRI). 

The ER vet wanted us to go back to our primary vet later this week, for yet another round of testing to see if her levels have improved.  *Cross your fingers.*

Not only is Phelps' on 4 medications, she is also on a special prescription diet, that she will have to stay on for the rest of her life.  She can't have any sodium, which means we can no longer take her to the beach (her absolute FAVORITE place in the whole wide world) so she doesn't consume any salt water.  We also can't exercise her when it is over 80 degrees because the vet doesn't want to increase her risk for dehydration.  Well, if anyone is familiar with summer in Florida, you know that it doesn't often get BELOW 80 degrees until 10 pm.  So, our nice little nightly routine is no longer feasible until September-- unless we walk after 10 pm or before 5 am.

She is also at increased risks for complications of CRI such as urinary tract infections and anemia.  Things that we will have to constantly be monitoring for, so that we can get her the proper antibiotics or treatments ASAP.
In between follow-ups at the hospital, Phil and I have been calling my sister about 100 times a day -  bombarding her with different questions....many which are totally ridiculous.  She has been absolutely wonderful!   When I called her tonight, she was actually looking through her old notes on CRI to see if there was anything else we could be doing to help.  Phelps is lucky to have such a sweet and caring auntie.  Thanks so much, Molly!!!!!!!!!

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