Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doctor Who?

I love working with the elderly.  They are so funny.  Mostly unintentionally, but still, very funny.  I could easily write a geriatric version of "Kids say the Darnedest Things." 

For example, I have a patient who is doing some memory work in therapy.  One of the techniques we use to help remember an important piece of information is by creating an association.  This patient was so frustrated that she couldn't remember the name of her attending doctor (Dr. Ribbit).  So, I simply ask her to picture her doctor as a frog.  I asked, "What does a frog say?," which she quickly replied, "Ribbit.  That should be easy to remember." 

So, the next day I wanted to test her memory carryover so I asked her, "Do you remember the name of your doctor?."  She took a minute and said, "Frog... let me think...what does a frog say...  oh yeah, it's doctor CROAK."  I just busted out laughing, not to be rude, but just because it was so funny.  I said, "I don't think too many people want to go visit Dr. Croak.  But Dr. Ribbit is very good." 

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