Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Improvements: Part 2

We have two more major house projects in store for 2011:  our bathroom, and, our backyard.

Our backyard is destined to be HORRIBLE, thanks to two, very large, digging machines, combined with sandy soil, and harsh weather (lots of heat, not a lot of rain). So, I'm not sure how many of our beautiful backyard dreams are realistic, but the hotel's landscaper is coming by sometime soon to give us "suggestions" of things/plants that we could plant that are resistant to all of the above mentioned things.  I can't WAIT!  Right now I have a black thumb... nothing I plant survives!  Hopefully, with a few gardening 101 tips, I will be able to turn my black thumb green.... or at least green-ish.

Our other main goal is to have the bathroom done by fall.  I love our little house, but we honestly made a HUGE 1st time buyer mistake... we bought a house with only 1 bathroom...and it's not a huge bathroom.  Honestly, I didn't think it would bother me...especially since it's just me and Phil...but after 3 years, I'm ready for more room... and privacy!  Especially when we are entertaining house guests (which we do ALL the time).  It's TERRIBLE when we have 6 people needing to shower and get ready at one time.  ARG.

Oh well, lesson learned.  Our next house will have PLENTY of bathrooms!

We have contemplated putting in an additional half bath somewhere... but really can't justify that anywhere.  So, we are thinking about just upgrading the one we have now to make it much nicer.   Obviously our space is limited, but I'm still getting a lot of inspiration online:

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