Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Improvements: Part 1

In this post, I will be referencing some of my old posts... remember this post from June 2010:  GUILTY?

Well, we obviously had to replace the door.  ASAP.  So, we replaced our wood door with a puppy-proof steel door.  But, during the eating of the door, Lochte also damaged the wood frame on the sidelight panel, which we did not fix right away.  We (meaning Phil), wanted to replace the single glass pane with glass blocks... but, like any other house project, it ended up being a major project.  Not only did he have to custom cut the glass blocks, he also had to do all the wood work to re-frame the door, and add the decorative glass and a peephole to the door.

Now everything is done, except the painting.  It's way too vanilla right now but I am being very indecisive about the color.....I'm very open to color suggestions. 

And then there was the roof.  Remember this post: House Updates?  I mentioned a water spot in our kitchen and needing a new roof back in APRIL. 

Well, we decided to put it off for awhile.  And awhile turned into 9 months!  Opps!  But I insisted that it must be done before spring (rainy season in FL).  So, last week, we finally got our new roof! 

After three long days of our dogs FLIPPING OUT, the roof was done!  It went from BLACK (who puts a black roof on a house in FL?  Not smart)...

..... to "Weathered Wood." 

And, of course, I forgot to pick the color trim, so my COLOR BLIND husband made an executive decision while I was at work.  Thankfully, he went neutral, with white... I probably would have done something in the beige family to bring out the brown-ness in the off-white house, but, thankfully, the white trim really doesn't look bad.

So glad it is finally done.  Onto our next projects!


  1. How about a salmon or rust color? Since Phil is color-blind, just tell him it is "tan"...

  2. I picked up a bunch of paint swatches at home depot tonight... maybe when you visit in a few weeks you can help me choose!

  3. I agree with Louise about the colors. With so much white, it needs a pop of color!! Good luck!