Monday, February 7, 2011

College Gameday

Saturday, Phil and I ventured up north to "the swamp" AKA Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida Gators, to watch the big UK vs. UF basketball game.  This game is much anticipated-- as they are one of our biggest rivals in the SEC.  It was also College Gameday, which meant the fans were on steriods and ESPN crew was everywhere (including our hotel... we got to meet the REAL Digger Phelps in the lobby after the game!  And, we also saw the UK players getting ready to go to the game). 

I have been SO nervous about this game.  UK has not been playing very well the past few weeks of SEC play... and especially not on the road.  The Gator arena only holds 12,000 people,  which doesn't even compare to 26,000 at Rupp... but the 12,000 that were there were plenty loud and created a very "hostile" environment. 

TWO agonizing hours of back and forth basketball...ties, lead changes, ties, lead changes... but, in the end, UK LOST by 2 in the last 10 seconds of the game.  BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!  Especially since that was our 2nd loss this week by less than 2 points.  ARGGGG!

But, we really had a great trip despite the loss. 

Coach Cal and Terrence Jones

Phil can't wait for the game...

DeAndre Liggins

ESPN Game Day crew

The Swamp

Almost game-time


Of course we had to check out the pool...

Ryan Lochte!  And, to the right, a former KY swimmer friend/Olympian, Caroline Burkle

Givin' Lochte a kiss!

Checking out the nightlife


  1. you guys got to meet Jamie Moyer's father-in-law? That alone should almost make up for the disappointing game!

  2. you might think so, but no... it really didn't help (although Phil might have to disagree with me)!