Monday, January 31, 2011

Superbowl Party Ideas

I normally love the Superbowl, but this year, I don't really care about either of the teams (although I am cheering for Green Bay).  Anyways, Phil and I are attending a Superbowl Sunday party at our friends, Bret and Leanne's, house.  They asked if we could bring over side dish or two to supplement the usual football food: sub sandwiches, wings, nachos, etc. 

I thought it would be cute to do something football themed, so I started to google for some are some of my favorites:

Chocolate Rice Krispie footballs

Snack Stadium

Bourbon (foot)Balls

Cheese Ball

Devilled Eggs

Cracker Sandwiches, with footballs shaped cheese

 Overall, there were some really cute ideas.  But THEN I thought, wouldn't it be even CUTER if I did 2 regional dishes: one from Pittsburgh, and one from Green Bay?!?!??!

It was easy to find food ideas from Pittsburgh... the most popular being the "Devonshire Sandwich."  It's a hot, open-faced turkey sandwich, which sounds eerily similar to the Kentucky Hot Brown.... just saying... Steelers...  

Anyways, finding regional food from Green Bay wasn't quite as easy.  Apparently, GB doesn't really have anything unique to their city.  Other than cheese, deep fried cheese, and deep-fried vegetables and cheese, I didn't find too many ideas.  However, in almost every website I found, the authors noted the heavy German and Polish influence in Wisconsin.  When I started searching about that, I finally found some interesting recipes... like Wurst Soup and Norwegian Meatballs.  

I'd love to hear back.... what are YOUR Superbowl Sunday plans?! 


  1. for Pittsburgh, you can't go wrong with pierogies, fries on anything (like in salads, even), Heinz ketchup (pretty sure you already have that one covered!), and Iron City beer!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Tad! Your mom emailed me a few from Wisconsin. I'm going grocery shopping tomororow, so I'll def keep my eyes open for that Iron City beer!

  3. I don't know if you'll really be able to find Iron City down there, but you could always go with Rolling Rock. That's from Latrobe, PA, which is where the Steelers have their training camp in the summer.