Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 has come and gone.  Three years ago, NYE night, is when Phil and I got engaged. Has it really been three years???  Is it just me or as the older you get, the faster time goes??  I swear I catch myself saying, "Fifteen years ago, I was...." and "2000 seems like just the other day." 

Anyways, 2010 was a good year.  Lots of changes.  Phil got a promotion at the hotel, my grandma passed in April, we adopted Lochte in May, our niece, Allison, was born in July, some of our best friends moved to TX in November, and my Papa turned 90 in December.

Going along with New Years tradition, I made some NY Resolutions for the upcoming year.  Of course there's the usual stuff that goes without saying--  exercise more, lose weight, eat better, yada yada yada.   But, what I really want to do, is save money.  Eat out less, cook at home more.  Go out less, stay in more.  Shop less for the little stuff, so we can afford some of the nice bigger stuff (like, a new car for me!). 

Sounds easy, right?  Resolutions always sound easy.  I make them every year, and I've only really kept one.  1999.  I vowed not to eat chocolate for a year.  And, I honestly did it.  I don't think I could do it again if I tried.  It was much harder than it seems.  There is chocolate in EVERYTHING.  Everything good, at least.  Anyways, I digress.  I really want to make this one stick.  So, friends, be prepared-- we may not be traveling as much this year.  We may not be spending as much time out at bars.  Get ready for a lot of game nights, rented movies, and beach days.  I think I must be getting old, because this seems like a welcomed change for us.

Wishing all of my family and friends a wonderful and healthy 2011! 


  1. Sounds great except for the less traveling part. It's a good thing we have skype. :)

  2. It'll be worth it - getting a new car that is!!