Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gentle Leaders

Our pups LOVE our nightly walks on the Causeway.  Phil and I.... don't.  Well, not toally true.  We like walking together, talking about the day, etc.  Plus, walking along the water is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. 

What ruins walk time for us, is trying to control our pulling, barking, bucking, maniac dogs on the leash.  Phelps is super strong and fast.  She pulls/comando crawls non-stop from the second we leave the house, until the second we are back in it. 

Lochte, on the other hand, is slow and calm.  He will walk/prance right beside you.... that is, until we pass another dog.  Then, he turns into a growling, bucking bronco and is almost impossible to control.  I don't understand his behavior on the leash because he absolutely LOVES other dogs!  I think it's his way of being protective of us... but still, totally annoying.

Bottom line: we have two dogs with two very different, but equally bad walking manners.  So, this lead me to purchase Gentle Leaders.  There is a strap around the nose and right behind the ears... same philosophy as a using a halter on a horse.

As expected, Lochte could care less about wearing it.  Phelps HATES it.  She nuzzles and paws to get it off her face.  She was so mad at us the first few times we put it on her-- and would hardly come close enough to us to accept "training treats."  But, after a week of training-- she has finally forgiven us... and it appears to be working!   The pulling has not been eliminated, but is very manageable now.  Which makes for two, very happy owners!


  1. So glad it seems to be helping. Your view on your walk is unbelievable BTW!

  2. LOVE your new background! Did you do that yourself?! I want one!

  3. thanks, Megan! It's just one of the pre-made ones by blogger... I just changed around some of the colors and fonts... I was bored of black :) btw- love reading your blog, too!