Friday, January 7, 2011

Game Day

Tomorrow is a big day in University of Kentucky sports.  Kicking it off at noon is the UK vs. Pitt football game immediately followed by the UK SEC opener basketball game against Georgia.

I always watch and support UK football... but everyone knows that basketball season is what really counts in the bluegrass state.  However, this year I am taking a special interest in the bowl game.  See, my brother-in-law, Tad, is a Pitt alum.   So the stakes are raised.

Both teams have had their share of d.r.a.m.a. lately.  Pitt's head coach resigned right before the game, their new hire was let go shortly after secondary to domestic violence allegations, and the old coach is refusing to coach in the bowl game.  UK has a head coach... but, no quarterback.  He is sitting this one out thanks to a public intox display. 

Tad and I are both die-hard supporters of our alma maters, and therefore, decided to make a friendly wager... Tad found this "Two Teams, One Game" shirt online:

Isn't that a horrible slogan?!  Anyways, loser of this game has to buy the shirt and wear it for a day during our summer vacation to Hilton Head.... All I can say is...

LET'S GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That is just too cute! She knows the words better than a lot of the students!