Saturday, January 8, 2011


The theme of this weekend in sports: Family Fued. 

TODAY, was the bowl game today-  my UK team vs. Tad's Pitt team, which I just lost... Just glad Tad didn't rub it in too bad.  I'm sure I would have been worse if UK had pulled off the V.  Anyways, prior to the game, Tad sent me a really funny "Family Fued" clip...

TOMORROW is NFL playoffs-  our Eagles vs. my sister/brother-in-law, Chad's, GB Packers.  My dad does his best to treat everyone equally.  He always supports the teams we like, as long as they aren't playing the St. Louis Cardinals...

This morning, he sent the following email to Phil and Chad:

"What a predicament I find myself in this weekend. My two favorite (I only have two so do not get too excited) son in laws and their favorite teams going head to head in the playoffs. Who to root for, what a dilemma I find myself in here. I have to admit I like Aaron Rodgers more than Michael Vick (but I like both of them more than Brett Favre the former Packer QB) so that is probably a wash. I think I like Andy Reid more than McCarthy due to his oversized presence as a kid on the Punt Pass and Kick competition (Just so you know I am a former PPK champion in the very first year of the competition) but then I like the Packer history with Lombardi and the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field so again that is probably a wash. No comments about my winning the first PPK local competition from anyone. I could really take Phil to task for his Christmas gloating on the signing of Cliff Lee and his prediction of 130 regular season wins for the Phillies and I also think he secretly believes that Ryan Howard is a better first basemen than Albert Pujols, but then I have an overwhelming concern that Chad may direct my grand daughter Allison Ann (Double A for short) to be some sort of misguided Detroit Tiger Fan so again I am facing a tough situation where I may not be able to come up with a reason to root for one team over the other. One thing I thought of was to take offers (bribes) from each of you to gain my support but I think Cathy would shoot that idea down as being too Republican but I thought that had some real possibilities.

Bottom Line is that I will enjoy (that is not the word I want but it will do) that each of you will be tormenting with the ebbs and flow of the game, paraphrasing from the late Jim McKay, the ecstasy of winning and the agony of defeat. Whoever wins I will enjoy your victory and whoever loses I will feel your pain, but it in the end it will not matter as I predict the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl in a surprise run through the playoffs."

To which Chad responded:

"What a journey in thought ending exactly... well.... nowhere. I quite enjoyed it. However, I feel you left a huge part of the equation out: 4th and 26 in '03. Freddie Mitchell? Really? I am still tormented by that play.

Whatever our favorite father-in-law decides, Phil, I feel quite confident that the best man will win. Take that how you will."

To which Phil responded:

"If today's bowl game results (Pitt v uk) are any indication of what will happen in tomorrows game, I fell pretty good!  Go team Z!"

Looks like things could be getting ugly....  GO EAGLES!!!!!


  1. I think Dad might be on to something... the Seahawks did win today.

  2. Phil was trying to explain your dad's e-mail to me on the phone earlier, but he didn't do it justice. That was great!

    Go Eagles!!