Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ben left in early November to start his new job in TX, which left Kerri (and her friends...) to pack up all of their stuff to get ready for the cross-country move to Dallas.   These pics are from one of our last nights together at the condo where we spent oh-so-many hours and have of-so-many memories... 

Me, Dan and Eli

Kerri and her little man
The boys
We miss them so much.  But, life keeps going.  As one chapter ends, another one begins....

Just about the time that we "lost" our dear friends, Ben and Kerri, Phil's old boss (and good friend), Eric, his wife, Kelly, and their 2 little boys, Brody and Beckett, moved back to Clearwater!!!! 

Funny how things work out... we are so looking forward to reconnecting with them!

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