Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving and Xmas with the Z's

This Thanksgiving we celebrated Christmas AND Thanksgiving with the Z fam, since we will be with my family for the real Christmas.

We had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving meal, prepared by my MIL, just hours after getting off the plane! She is a great cook, and she enjoys it... so I let her do her thing! I, instead, took over (most of) the cleaning responsibilities. This was a great arrangement for me- anything to get out of cooking!

The day was full of Euchre, cornhole, football (which was a bust for us all weekend), and an Uncle-Niece sunset boat ride on the Skiff! 

The next day, the Z family hung out with the pups and watched football while Phil and I were at work.  When we got home, we opened our Xmas presents!!!  Phil won $100 off a scratch-off lotto ticket, a calandar, AND got an iPad!!!!!!!!!   He's been wanting one forever!  I also got spoiled with a bunch of goodies: a necklace, some comfy Eagles pajamas, a "Z" Xmas ornament, a SPA gift card (to treat my sisters when I go home), and, some more of my Christmas pattern China.  :)  THANKS Z FAMILY!!!

We ended the evening with an awesome dinner at the Chart House, overlooking the Bay!  That was just our second time there in a week (we also went there with my parents)... but it was g-ooood!   

On Saturday, Tad, Phil and Avery went down to Clearwater Marina for a 4 hour fishing charter.  I decided to stay home and take advantage of some quiet time-- aka catching up on laundry and chores.

SUCCESS!  They brought home 30+ Snapper!!  We had enough fresh fish for a week!

Sunday, Phil had to work, which gave me some bonding time with my MIL.  We took the pups to the dog beach, saw the movie, Secretariat (which was really, really good), and then met the boys at Tampadelphia, the Philly bar we go to to watch Eagles games.  But, we won't talk about that part.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  


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