Monday, December 13, 2010

So-Ho-Ho Girls' Holiday Weekend Extravaganza

My lady loves were in town this weekend!  They were looking for a little sunny vacation (it was 9 degrees in Indy when Megan left on Friday)... but unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate.  Like the rest of the country, we also got hit with a "cold front."  Not 9 degrees cold-- but certainly not the 70-80's we have had most of the fall... it was in the 60's with wind, which probably feels like 9 degrees to a true Floridian.  Turns out the sunshine state was not very sunny at all.  BUT, the cold weather certainly didn't stop us from having a good time!!

Friday we headed out to So-Ho, for a night on the town south Tampa style.  Starting with my FAVORITE Tapas resturaunt, Ceviche, followed by drinks and dancing at McDittons!   Great night out with my best friends, and BOTH of my husbands!

Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures...


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