Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Papa's 90th Birthday

People came to KY from the north (Conneticut), the south (Florida), the east (D.C.) and the west (Texas, California), and even someone from Africa...  all to celebrate my Papa's 90th birthday!

There were 23.5 people total.  Almost everyone from my mom's side of the family was there.  Baby Edward, Lori and David opted not to come... understandably so.  My cousin Janet couldn't make it either, thanks to school and a work obligations.  Cousin David was recovering from surgery and Phil had to work.

Here is the group (minus the above people, and Chad+Allison, who went home for bed, and cousin, Chris H., who was taking picture 1, Chris J., who was taking picture 2....)

Molly got a new camera as an early Christmas present from Chad... a Cannon Rebel.  It is AWESOME!!!  We don't know how to work all the settings but we had a lot of fun playing with it.  And, we got some really great pictures of the fam!  Be sure to check out the Photo Album!!

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