Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Year Two

Sooo.... many of you know yesterday was our 2nd anniversary!  YAY! Can't believe I've been Mrs. Zawadzki for two years.  Where does the time go???

And, how did we celebrate?

Good question.

Like any happily married couple: we did NOTHING together.  We hardly even spoke!

HA HA just kidding. 

But seriously, I only saw him for about 5 minutes at 5 am.  No, not because we were mad at each other, but just because of timing.  The VIPs/owner's of Phil's company checked into the hotel on Monday, which basically means I won't see my husband again until they leave.  Everything has to be perfect when they come into town and since Phil is assistant general manager, lots of the responsibility is on his shoulders.  Which helps explain his 16+ hr work days ALL week (yes, including yesterday). 

Although I didn't get much face time, I did wake up to a beautiful boquet of flowers and sweet card.  There was also a nice bottle of champagne sitting in the fridge... So, now I'm just waiting for the big-wigs to get out of Tampa so we can celebrate year two for real...  

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