Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010: A League of Their Own

Crying?! There's no crying in baseball!!  --Jimmy Dugan

Megan's co-worker hosted us for a Halloween house party on Saturday night and we had a blast!  There is just something about wearing a costume in public that screams "good times."  Reminded me a lot about the good old days in Athens... minus the 20,000 people and cops on horseback. 

Anyways, we really waited until the last minute to choose our costumes.  There were 3 of us girls going together and we just couldn't decide between two costume ideas: the Kardashians or the Rockford Peaches.  We obviously opted for the latter....

Here are a few of the 10,000 pictures of the night...


Halloween is offically over, so NOW we can start thinkin' about THANKSGIVING!!!!

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