Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy, Busy

Ten days since my last post! Wow, I'm slacking!  I'm sure all 5 of my followers are greatly disappointed ;)
Anyways, the REASON I've been slacking is because we have/are having out of town guests for the Thanksgiving holiday! 

This past weekend,  my parents came down from KY.  And, they DROVE (that's a nice13 + hours in the car...).  They brought me all kind of goodies I left at home when I moved out 3 + years ago- fun stuff, like scrapbooks and pictures and a few things I picked out from my Grandma's place.  I loved looking at some of these old pictures-- there was some GREAT blackmail in those boxes!!! 

Phil's brother, Tad, also came into town on Friday.  He met up with some of his college buddies for the Pitt vs. USF football game (which Pitt won!). 

We crammed so much into the weekend I'm tired just thinking about it.  I won't bore you with details, but the highlight for me was spending the day up in Crystal River swimming with the manatees!  Phil and I did this once before and loved it so much we had to do it again! 

Weather in November is kinda unpredictible, so I planned for the worst.  I packed a wetsuit, and I'm certainly glad I had it!  Although the air was warm, the water was... chilly.   Thanks to my wetsuit, I was pretty comfortable but everyone else just had to suffer.  ;)  Anyway, everyone survived.  Unfortunately, we did not have many close encounters with the manatee like the last time.  But, we did see probably 2 dozen of them from the pontoon boat!  We even saw mama and her calf.  So sweet!  

Another highlight was definitely shopping at the outlet mall outside Sarasota.  I got 90% of my Christmas shopping done, which is SUCH a stress reliever!  I really, really hate waiting until the last minute.... 

We ended their weekend trip with a nice sushi dinner!  We had 3 sushi virgins at our table, all a little hesitant about the whole raw fish thing.  We tried a lot of different rolls, mostly all cooked or fried, but glad to see they are taking baby steps... and, I think they were all pretty satisfied with the meal. 

Anyways, we have another busy week here.  Tad is still in town and the rest of Phil's family is flying in on Thanksgiving.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is saying a real "goodbye" to our good friend's Ben and Kerri, who will be leaving us for good on Saturday... 

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