Monday, October 11, 2010


Awhile back I mentioned that Phil and I were ready to join a Masters swim team.  We spent a long time looking for the perfect team (with limited success).  We met with several coaches, saw a few facilities and I bombarded all the teams in Tampa with email inquiries.  No luck.  I was about to give up, but finally gave in and said we could try out the team in Clearwater (across the bay from our house). 

I was kinda dreading battling the mass amount of cars on the road in rush-hour traffic.  I thought it could take me up to an hour to get there, and who wants to spend that kinda time in the car AFTER a long day at work? Not this girl.  But, I was pleasantly surprised when it took me... 25 minutes!!!!  Half of the "close" teams in Tampa took me 30+ minutes, so I was THRILLED with 25!!!  I used to do that everyday (sometimes twice a day) in high school. 

I am not only about the thrilled about the proximity, but the facility is amazing!  It's HUGE.  And, not in the ghetto like several of the others, which is quite a relief. 

The coach was super friendly and the team seemed very social, and COMPETITIVE!!! Everyone at practice was around our age.  No grannies in my lane!  With 46 members on their team, I'm sure we can put together a decent relay or two! :)

And, they offer 10 practices a week, so I REALLY have no excuse for not fitting at least 3-5 into my weekly routine.  We tried out a few practices as visitors, but plan on returning tonight as official members of CAT Masters (Clearwater Aquatic Team)!!! 

Okay, got to go to practice. Never thought I'd be saying that again...

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