Saturday, October 2, 2010

Holiday Season

October is here!  And, apparently, October is the start of the entire holiday season.  It seems to gets earlier and earlier every year.  I went into a store the other day and saw (gasp) CHRISTMAS decorations being displayed!!!!!  WHAT?  The start of fall was just LAST WEEK and you want me to start thinking about Christmas already???

Why can't we just enjoy the fall?  I personally don't want to skip right to Christmas. Yes, I am very much looking forward to a wonderful Christmas at home with a ton of friends and family (including my sister living in Africa and my new niece, Allison).  But I am also looking forward to a very fun Halloween with my best friend in Indianapolis, and hosting my in-laws, brother-in-law and niece at Thanksgiving (although I won't be doing much of the cooking, as I'm scheduled to work all day...).  

I guess I just don't understand why one holiday monopolizes 3 months of the year.  Okay, end rant. 

Anyways, it IS almost Halloween, so I have been busy brainstorming some costume ideas for me and my friends... who says Halloween is just for kids?  I LOVE everything about Halloween.  Candy, costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, ghosts stories.  ALL of it.  If I could, I would still go trick-or-treating around my neighborhood, pumpkin pale in hand.  Phil, however, does not like Halloween (at least, not unless he's at OU).  Knowing this, my friends Dan, Joey and Brandon volunteered to take me to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios tonight so I could get my scary fix for the year!!  Looking forward to being scared silly!  Happy Halloween season, everyone!

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