Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Agents

Well, you can pretty much ignore my last post.  We had every intention on joining the masters swim team last week, but, as of today, we are still "free agents." 

Long story short: We showed up to practice.  The pool manager working the front desk said that we would be required to buy a recreation pass on top of our monthly club fees if we wanted to use the facility.  No big deal... well, a rec pass is only $15/year for Clearwater residents.  However, for TAMPA residents, such as ourselves, it would be $400/yr!  Not including the $50/month/person for our club membership.  Basically, it would cost around $1600/year + Masters fees + meet fees + annual club fees (not included in our monthly fee).  The costs just kept adding up, and it ends up being a little too much for us to pay on top of our monthly gym memberships.  Especially considering other teams we've looked at are only around $35/month/person with fewer "extra" charges. 

I digress....Anyways, I decided to email the coach, who had specifically told me via email that we were NOT required to buy a rec card, to let him know what we were told by the pool manager.  He disagreed with the pool manager and asked ME to call the city of Clearwater Parks and Recreation to find further clarification. 

He gave me a contact person and I called...

and called....

and called...

Eight days, and five phone calls/messages later, still no response.  LAZY GOVERMENT WORKERS, geez!  (No offense, just stating a sterotype, which, in this case, appears to be true).

So, moral of the story.  We remain free agents and have not signed with any team, yet.   

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