Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random thoughts and happenings

{one}  Why does the work week seem sooo long and the weekend seem soo short???  Work days DRAG on, but Sat/Sunday fly by.  Seriously, where does the time go?   

{two}  It's officially the start of fall and I'm ready for the change of seasons.  True, fall is not quite the same here in Florida (palm trees don't really change color), but we do notice a welcomed change in weather (no more humidity!).... and, what's not to love about the start of football and end of baseball seasons?!? 

{three}  Speaking of football, no one talk to me about the UK vs. UF game yesterday, please.  I know what the score was.  Hoping for better luck on the field today.  GOOO EAGLES!!!!!

{four}  Had to mention this-  my dad made a trip up to IL this weekend, and spoke in honor of my grandfather, who was just inducted into the IL Basketball Hall of Fame.  Yeah, Grandpa!  My dad was also inducted a few years back...

 {five}  Hubby and I took the dogs to the beach yesterday.  They had a great time (as usual), UNTIL... the ride home.  Apparently Lochte drank a little too much salt water.... and then, YAK...all over my car.  Gross.  And, Phil was too grossed out to clean it up.  SOOO, I cleaned the car while he cleaned the dogs.  Interestingly enough, when cleaning, I found big chunks of my shoe (that had been missing for several days) AND pieces of our ocean-scene coasters.... hmmm.... BAD DOG!!! 

{six}  Lastly, I'm so very happy to have my favorite fall shows back!!!!  Life is so much better with my weekly dose of McDreamy, Project Runway, THE OFFICE, and Modern Family (BTW, our episode of The Office was on last Thursday!).  I've been hearing really great things about Glee, but just can't seem to get into it... Oh well, probably for the best.  I can hardly keep up with my DVR as it is!   

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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  1. I feel like I would like Glee too but I can't get into it either.