Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home

Things don't get much sweeter than this.  I just saw Miss Allison in July, but HOLY COW, has she grown!  In the weeks since I've been gone, she has turned into quite a little chunky monkey!  What can I say, she comes from a long line of good eaters... Molly said if she continues at this rate, she will be in the 97th percentile for weight by her next check-up! 

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to spend with my fabulous niece (and sister) this trip.  I was in full-blown wedding mode.  Shelby and Robby's wedding weekend was upon us.  And, I was plenty busy with all of the bridesmaid festivities: bridal luncheon, nails, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, hair, make-up, pictures, etc.  We were so busy, we even missed UK destroy  LOSERVILLE in the first football game of the season! This annual rivalry game ALMOST qualifies as a religious holiday across the bluegrass state....    

Although I wasn't CRAZY about my bridesmaid's dress (purple is just not my color...), it turned out to be a beautiful ceremony (complete with exceptionally sweet, hand-written vows and a few sincere tears from the groom).  And, of course, Shelby was absolutely STUNNING in her dress! 

The reception took place on her grandfather's farm, in true KY fashion.  I was just thankful that Hurricane Earl brought through a cool front so we didn't have to run around outside, with long dresses & heels in 90 degree heat!  YEA!  

Here are a few candid shots from the weekend.  I will be sure to post more as they come in... and the professional ones should be available in a few weeks...


Rehearsal dinner at Champions Country Club

Bride and Groom to be @ Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Party
Shelby and the MOH, Rebekah, getting pedicures!

Champagne Partay in the Limo

YUMMY cake!

Allen Fam
Megan, Shelby, me and Kirsten.... I love the ladies!!
Leigh-Ann and Eileen at dinner
Garter toss

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