Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Change of Heart

Let me start by saying, I really DO like my job.  But, the past several weeks, things a have been extra stressful.  My company is making some pretty MAJOR changes with the therapy (and nursing) department due to changes with Medicare reimbursment rates and guidelines.  Changes that are making our jobs much harder than necessary.  Everyone is on edge.  And, I'm sure the tension will continue until we figure out how to make things run smoothly in the new healthcare system.

But, needless to say, the stress is wearing on me.  I am a realitively laid back person, but lately have been feeling less than inspired.  And TIRED.  I really need an outlet for all of my new-found stress. 

I haven't swam since college.  I LOVED swimming for the longest time.  But, after a really rough Senior season, I was burnt out and ready for retirement.  I couldn't even STAND the thought of getting in a pool (for exercise, NOT relaxation...).  But, over the past several weeks, I have really had a change of heart. 

I miss exercising with people.  I miss being part of a team.  I miss the smelling like chlorine.  I miss racing.  I miss SWIMMING. 

I have even thought about joining a master's team.  I know enough about myself to know that I NEED structure (i.e. scheduled practice times, a coach, teammates, etc.) to keep me motivated. Phil and I have talked about it in the past (although I wasn't mentally ready to commit), but I think it might be time to pull the Speedos out of the closet and dust of my cap and goggles.



  1. That would be a great stress release (with the added benefits of exercise, meeting new people, and of course giving me Christmas/Birthday ideas!!) The master's team would be lucky to get you!

  2. Keep me posted on your change of heart. I have been considering it too but maybe if you do start then it will inspire me to join a masters team too :)


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