Thursday, July 22, 2010

One day...

I’m honestly tired of cleaning. In order for me to truly keep my house clean, I either need to spend an hour each day doing various chores throughout the week or spend four-five hours on the weekend knocking it all out at one time. I just can’t seem to find the time (or energy) during the week to complete all of the necessary housework. So, I wind up running through my house like a mad woman every Saturday trying to get everything done.

Phil mentioned that we should hire a cleaning service to come and do the large chores: bathrooms, floors, dusting, baseboards, oven, etc. I could easily clean the dishes and laundry throughout the week...I might even find time to clean some glass here and there.

Unfortunately, we do not have the disposable income at the moment to truly consider hiring a cleaning service. But, he suggested we might be able afford it by Christmas. Wouldn't that be a great gift???

In essence, he would be giving me four hours of my life back each week. I could have the cleaning service come every Friday and my house would always be ready to entertain guests during the weekend.

But then: Reality Check. I started calculating the actual costs. Let’s say that it costs $60 per week for a housekeeper (which is probably an underestimation). And, let’s say we have them come 50 weeks/year. At $60 a week – that’s $3,000! That’s a pretty pricey Christmas present if you ask me. Could I honestly spend that kind of money on something that I could easily do for myself? Is a weekly cleaning service really worth it?

Then I started to think of the actual time I would be saving. 50 weeks at 4 hours a week – that’s 200 hours – that’s 8 ½ full days/year that I wouldn’t have to spend cleaning! Then, I thought, "it is totally worth it."

Although it is a very nice thought, we aren’t truly considering hiring a cleaning service anytime soon. It's just a “one day – when we can afford it” kind of thing...


  1. Start talking to people to see if they know anyone"good and trustworthy". Then check around to see what the going rate is. I'd think a cleaning person would be cheaper than a service. And what about every other week if you can't manage weekly? There's lots of options!

  2. you should get Phil to do some of the cleaning!

  3. Yeah right. We BOTH know that isn't going to happen! :) JK. He does a few chores consistently, but not enough to counteract the mess.