Saturday, July 17, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, COME ON

Since moving to Florida 3 years ago (YIKES, has it been that long?!), Phil and I were VERY fortunate to meet some wonderful people, who have become some of our very best friends. And, as good friends do, we like celebrate each others' birthdays in style.

Thursday was Kerri's birthday, so her husband, Ben, decided to surprise her by getting a babysitter for E-man, and inviting everyone out on the town for some birthday fun. And, so no one had to worry about drinking and driving (see mom, we are responsible), he rented a PARTY LIMO to drive us all around for the night!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!

We listened to old school rap and danced the night away. And, to top off the night, our good friends, Bret & Leanne, have both officially moved back from JERSEY!

Me & Bret with the birthday girl

Hangin with Dan and Leanne

The Jones Fam - Brooklynn

Party Bus

Leanne, Phil and Michelle

The guys and Carrie #2

My girls :)

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