Sunday, June 6, 2010


I went home to the bluegrass state this past weekend for some of my sister's baby festivities. I got a lot of quality bonding with my future niece! Sorry Cait, Kari, Sharon and Jen, but this baby definitely thinks I'm her favorite Auntie. She was dancin' for me all weekend! ;)

Molly's due date is July 13th... but, I don't think she's gonna make it that long! She looks ready to POP! And, the final few weeks of pregnancy are starting to take a toll on her body... achy hips and back, swollen limbs, hot flashes... good thing she still looks fabulous!

Mama Molly in the nursery

Sisters (minus one)

Me and Molls at her shower

This baby is ALREADY spoiled...

The parents-to-be, Chad and Molly

Looking forward to my next trip home at the end of July so I can FINALLY meet my niece!

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