Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last weekend, Phil headed to his hometown, Philadelphia, for a quick visit with his friends and family. His family (Avery, Tad, Paul and Louise) all have birthdays very close together (starting late June through the middle of July). So, this gave him a great opportunity to celebrate with them. Plus, it also gave him an excuse to do some of his favorite things: go to a Phillie's game, a Phish concert, eat a ton of cheese steaks, and drink way too much at the bars.

Before he left, he SPECIFICALLY asked me to pack the digital camera for him so he would be able to document his trip, since I was stuck at home watching the dogs. I was pleasantly surprised considering Phil does not have a great history with taking pictures. He has about 4 of his friends from high school and even less from college.

ANYWAYS, when he got home, I doubtingly asked him if he had taken any pictures. His response, "yeah, I told you I would." I was a little shocked, but very excited to see everyone and all of the fun things that he had done over the past few days. So, he pulled out the camera and showed me the following pictures...

1. Watching the World Cup game at a crowded bar.

2. Sue (family friend) holding new granddaughter, Alaina.

3. and 4. Pictures of random people at the Phish concert. I think the band is in the background, but I really can't tell..

Umm... yeah... Moral of the story: Phil is not a good photographer and should not be trusted with a camera... He managed to not get a SINGLE picture of ANYONE I know. I'm officially firing him from camera duty, for LIFE.

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  1. Aaron sucks at taking pictures too. This is why there are no photos of me with Willis, just Aaron and Willis. Definately a boy defect.