Monday, June 14, 2010

House Guests

2 turns into 3. People, and dogs.

Our friends, the Jones, are in the process of re-locating BACK to Florida after a brief stint up in the armpit of America (AKA Jersey). Bret recently left his career in hotels and found a great gig with the owners of Grill Smith/Melting Pot, which started in the beginning of June... Problem is: his wife, Leanne, and their baby, Brooklyn, are still up in NJ packing up all of their stuff to prepare for the move(for the 2nd time in a year). Another problem is: their house, in Florida, was rented out during their time up North. And, their tenants' lease is good through July. Third problem: what to do with their dog, Pumpkin? Leanne couldn't stay up there ALONE with a 9 month old baby AND a high energy dog. And Bret didn't have any living arrangements and would be working long hours during training.

Sooo, like any good friends, we offered our guest bedroom and a yard for Pumpkin to run. The more the merrier. Let's just say that things have been even more interesting than usual around here... including a minor medical emergency.

Which leads me to my next story. Yesterday, Phil and I, trying to be good parents, decided to take our 3 dogs on a brisk walk around the neighborhood. So, we head out around 5:30 after the extreme heat was wearing off. Seems good, right? Did I mention it was about 98 degrees out? (Yes, we've been setting RECORD highs after a winter of RECORD lows, go figure...)

Anyways, after about 10 minutes, I noticed that Pumpkin was starting to foam at the mouth. A few steps later, she started drunk walking on the pavement. And, before I knew it, Pumpkin fell over mid-stride. She WOULD NOT get up... COULD not get up. And, we happen to be on a major road. So, Phil frantically ran back to the house, with Lochte and Phelps in tow, to get the car and some ice water. In the mean time, 3 cars, including a cop, pull over to check on us, offer water and ice to help cool her off.

Finally, Phil arrived with my Escape, picked her up and loaded her into the car, and drove home. We got her home, in the nice cool A/C and all was good again. She was bouncing around again in no time. I'm SO thankful Miss P is okay. I was not looking forward to that phone call to Bret/Leanne!

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